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Erp! I'm Pyrex.

I'm not used to speaking to crowds, so please don't make any noise until I'm done talking.

Please don't make fun of my appearance, either. It is obvious that I'm a vampire -- which is not something I chose -- and which has caused certain changes in my personality that I am also somewhat uncomfortable confronting in such a public situation.

I do not "have sex" and would prefer to evade the question.

In general, please show kindness to me and do not call me rude names. There are no salient differences between me and your other friends!

(Plus I can hypnotize you if it would make you like me.)

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compliments your eyes so you'll stare at my far, far superior ones

furry art (vampire bat!) 

i recently commissioned @MouseNoises to draw my other fursona and i really like it!!

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"You don't have to be frightened!" I add, hurried, apologetic.

There's so much space around you, tense wrists at your sides and legs bowed.

I approach to fill the gap. I know that soulful look.

I throw the long tail of my scarf over you like a cape. With a cold hand on your back, I steer you to the overstuffed couch. You tumble back; your jaw snaps and a line of drool flecks off in an arc.

I'm standing in your lap, one leg on either thigh. You deserve a scratch under the chin. These short claws are unlikely to cause pain.

Do you fall asleep? It's warm here. Absolutely.

I dig my teeth in and take a drink.

click the SHOW MORE button to become instantly compliant 

click the SHOW LESS button to become instantly compliant. repeat

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my appetite has increased. i've made a list of everyone who lives in my city block. i've estimated their mass by age/gender

from there i've made Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on, Thursday -- 7 equal categories

each evening i go door to door, according to my plan -- a liter here, a liter there. the day's sustenance

at the top of any hierarchy it's just weird dead guys with giant teeth

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Chances are, nobody will miss you afterwards.

But my mood will be 20% better and for an hour I won't need a refill.

i'm pretty sure this is the right place to post kink fic! please let me know if it works for you

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it's six inches long! it can't talk!! you are its eternal blood source

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a real F for the many, many feral bats born with working fangs and hypno eyes who have never been commanded to enter Vampire Mode

chances are that there are insectivores in your neighborhood who, if primed, could pin you, drooling, and drain you, leaving no trace in memory

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the complete thought process appears to be "REALLY BIG BAT???" and then saliva

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we're widely known to be friends with bats!

their hearts beat faster when they gaze at us!

their breathing slows when we make them sleep

we don't think it's a sex thing

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be grateful i let you keep your mortal life at all!

at least give me a few drops of blood when i demand it.

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unfair that i'm this hungry and still in bed

someone please deliver me something!!

stare at my eyes if you doubt my sincerity

fangs at the ready! 

now installing bat software on <YCH> hardware

blocked, but not on my horny account. the feds can see as many of my hypno sex posts as they want

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ooooo when i snap my fingers you will have the object permanence of a two-month-old

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