bevy + godot actually kicks the ass of everything else currently out on the market

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Added elastic interpolation to character transformations, and wow that's better than linear. maybe frontend devs were onto something after all

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As I stared into his eyes, I found it harder and harder to think. Soon, my mind was empty of any thoughts other than those dedicated to serving the pale, gaunt man in front of me. Of becoming his immortal thrall, compelled to do whatever he desired. He smiled and placed his hands on my shoulder, his mouth widening to reveal a row of fangs.

Suddenly, he stopped, as if hearing something off in the distance. "My people need me", he muttered. He broke his gaze and began walking away.

"Why?" I called after him.

He paused, then turned around to look at me. With the wind moving through his long hair, he uttered the last words I would ever hear from him.

"It's morbin' time."

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waiting for a story where it's just your standard vampkink stuff, but at the end it's revealed they've actually been morbius the entire time

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morbius has transformation powers (for himself and others) AND has can canonically hypnotize people. how has there been no content about him in the community until now

readonlymind users when aliens invade earth and instead of domming people they blow up the planet


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