dronekink joke 

queering the human/drone binary by swiftly converting it to a monary


been thinking about bondage, and by thinking i mean "spent several hours yesterday learning how to tie knots (SAFELY) and went to the hardware store today and bought a 100ft clothesline and spent the last hour cutting it into manageable lengths and taping the ends"

re: the simpsons, hypnosis kink goof 

@HabitEXE 🎶 simpsons, meet the simpsons, they're a modern stone age family--

re: the simpsons, hypnosis kink goof 

@HabitEXE me who has never watched the simpsons: maybe i should watch the simpsons

Embarrassing! Turns Out Workplace Dress Code "Yeah man, just whatever" Does Not Include Fursuits!

kin stuff, human body wearing 

(Reposted from private by request)

Thinking about my humansona.

For those of us who aren't human, I think it's a worthy goal to try to attain or at least approximate the appearance of the human body you'd wear if you were deliberately disguising yourself as a human via, I dunno, shapeshifting or illusion magic or whatever.

At the very least, consider what that would look like for the sake of the mental exercise. Suppose you could choose whatever you wanted so long as it passed for human among humans. What would you pick? Even if you weren't consistent, would there be some qualities you'd tend to go for, or quirks of your appearance you'd regularly apply?

If you have to be physically human, at least be a human on your own terms.

Alpha males: cannot penetrate the skin or a sheet of paper, but are dangerous if ingested.

Beta males: can cause burns on the skin, but can be stopped by a sheet of aluminum foil.

Gamma males: pass straight through the body, causing genetic damage. Can only be stopped by thick concrete or lead blocks.

I got zero responses last time I hit up the Fediverse offering paid creative work, but I'm not giving up!

Some #Owncast features being worked on require iconography. And while we could use an icon library or something like Fiverr it'd be nice to work with an illustrator on the Fediverse who focuses on icons to have something that is custom.

This is paid work, so please boost and tell your friends.

Feel free to message me on the fediverse or email me: gabek@real-ity.com

weird abstract kink content 

@gardevoir god animorphs made a whole generation kinky didn't it

weird abstract kink content 

underrated kink: possession

somebody else gets to stretch out in your body and fill it up, to wrap themselves up around you in warmth that just keeps your identity all comfortably suppressed underneath theirs

plus, you get to watch while they say things you’d never dream of saying, doing all sorts of embarrassing things because it’s not *their* body…

headcanon, plural stuff 

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes is plural, and Hobbes is a headmate projected onto a plushie.

Does anyone here deal with brain fog? If so, do you have any tips for minimizing it? Lately anytime I try to think about anything in not a very shallow and mechanic way, it feels like I'm thinking through molasses, I get sleepy and blocked.

@hierarchon And on tonight's show, "Spotting Websites That Absolutely Have SQL Injection Vulnerabilities"

Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder

Pretty simple add any pay walled URL to
12ft.io/ and boom you are reading that shit.

if youre in computer science and you dont hate computers i dont trust you

pics of me in my "halloween" "costume" (also full face covering) 

god it was so hot in that thing

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pics of me in my "halloween" "costume" (also full face covering) 

I did try to stick my scarf higher up my neck with some fabic/skin adhesive I have to really hide *all* my skin, but it came undone before I got around to the photos. oh well

got some cool looks and double takes around campus though hehe

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pics of me in my "halloween" "costume" (also full face covering) 

as you can see for my clever and scary halloween costume i went as the most horrifying creature of all, a human

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