pics of me in my "halloween" "costume" (also full face covering) 

as you can see for my clever and scary halloween costume i went as the most horrifying creature of all, a human

robot avatar rapidly approaching

next tutorial we are supposed to learn how to do curved surfaces, which will be helpful for my head & visor i think given all those weird shapes in the back

time till robot girl model rapidly decreasing, i am learning a lot

model of food 

and here's a donut made (almost) entirely memory! hell i'd eat that

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model of food 

and the tutorial's done!
i think i'm going to try to do it all again from memory, then call it a night depending on how I'm feeling.

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model of food 

it did not take 7 minutes!

surely there isn't much more between "perfectly white donut" and "cute robot girl"

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model of food 

hmmmm today i will use blender on a laptop (clueless)

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model of food 

aha blender isn't that hard
vim was harder to learn

i'm waiting for the hubris to strike any moment now

More drawings of maybe-me?
It's good practice at least. I like seeing how my drawing skill develops over time.

(I have humanoid hands and feet BTW I think, i just cant draw hands or feet waugh so i omitted/hid them)

robot stuff 

here's my left arm. i think I'm going to call this getup my exosuit. (the flannel and gloves together)

robot drawing 

tried to draw my "self"?... I'm not much of an artist. and idk if i like this design anyways. but i guess it's the best i got right now...

hypno gamedev 

what i have so far ... tbh, not too much to look at. i might be trying to make this look too much like 140.
collision isn't implemented yet btw

i enjoy writing shaders altogether too much so all of my projects end up looking really fancy while they half-assedly do the one thing i had the time/energy to program


@lavender cons of having to eat: expensive, requires spoons to make, need to worry about nutrition, etc
pros of being able to eat: family size bag of sour patch kids my beloved

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