I am unable to find a single co-op in the U.S. that provides fiscal hosting to help other co-ops get started. If anyone knows of one (or wants to start one) I'd love to hear from you. I feel like this *has* to be a thing.

@lavender I'm sorry, I didn't understand. Probably I'm being dense and am missing a joke; can you rephrase that? Thanks!

@sam peano numerals are this esoteric way to represent whole numbers. you define something special (usually called Z) to mean zero, then you have a special "successor" function (usually called S) to mean "the number after".
so, S(S(S(Z))) is 3.

the joke is that you can have Z=op and S=co- to get an op (0), a co-op (1), a co-co-op (2), a co-co-co-co-co-op (5)...

it's not actually that funny don't worry

@lavender hah, I actually should have gotten that. I didn't know the name but am familiar with the counting system; nice.

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