More drawings of maybe-me?
It's good practice at least. I like seeing how my drawing skill develops over time.

(I have humanoid hands and feet BTW I think, i just cant draw hands or feet waugh so i omitted/hid them)

rambling about design, food mention, hypno mention 

the wires connecting the ports on the side of my head to the rest of it are enby pride colored btw. i haven't decided about the wiring on the side of my legs; tbh i might just have it be aesthetic. or i could keep the enby ribbon cable idea, to sort of look like a tracksuit?

when i was in elementary school there were these old Apple monitors in the back of some of the classrooms, so I think my head's based on those. i remember how they were both curved and had hard edges. the "ear" ports are going to be more standard computery ports, like USB, HDMI, RJ-45 &c. (Kinda sad how much goes over USB-3 nowadays, the backs of computers used to look so cool). the little rectangle on the back has some more ports for more ... invasive programming.

on my back is an XLR port for charging. it's XLR cause i *love* plugging them in, it's so satisfying. and they do occasionally carry power (although they're usually for audio).

the vents are cause when I was younger i used to be so skinny you could see my ribs and I guess having marks across my torso stuck with me. (you can't see my ribs anymore now that I get to eat things i actually enjoy and also HRT)

i think i'm going to have the barcode say my password~

i'm planning to model this up for VRChat but i uhhhh haven't . ever used blender. so here's hoping i can figure it out

not pictured: me projecting a spiral onto my visor ... very nice and relaxing to look at ... to sink into ...

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