Lavender's Guide to Really Really Customizeable (Free) Real-Time Voice Effects 

Note: this is really heavyweight. Try things like Clownfish first:

You will need:
- a DAW. I use FL Studio, but any DAW that can host VSTs and record audio should work. I don't know of any free ones but I do know they exist.
- VAC Lite:
- Voxengo Recorder:

1) Install VAC Lite, which creates a virtual audio cable. Sending audio to the virtual speaker "Line 1" sends it to the virtual microphone also called "Line 1". (VAC is Windows-only, but I believe there similar programs for Mac, and if you use Linux I'm pretty sure you just plug the flumberboozle into the VKX virtual port... /s)
2) Set up your DAW to capture your mic audio, and edit it to your heart's content.
3) Mute your master channel, and put Voxengo Recorder on it. (Protip: to hear your voice as you work on it just unmute the master channel.)
4) In that VR instance, set "MME Device" to Line 1, and "Output To" to MME, then click Start.
5) In whatever application you want your souped-up voice (Discord, VRChat, TF2, etc), set the microphone in to Line 1 (the other end of the pipe you are sending the audio to)
6) Enjoy your nice new voice!

Feel free to share this around the internet but please credit me at least :)

Lavender's Guide to Really Really Customizeable (Free) Real-Time Voice Effects 

@lavender Oh this is perfect! A campaign I'm making has some fantastical elements and I really want them to have that extra ooomf to them. I tried to make a live voice changer but it didnt really work out TwT.
Is there a way to set up presets I can hotswap at least somewhat quickly?


Lavender's Guide to Really Really Customizeable (Free) Real-Time Voice Effects 

@Lar yeah! in my FL project I have each voice effect on a different track. that way I can just mute all the effect tracks except the one i want. switching is two clicks: mute the current one, unmute the new one.
that should work for every DAW, but if you know yours a little better there's probably better solutions. For example FL has a plugin called "Fruity Send", which just pipes audio it receives to another mixer track. I could be using that instead: put it on the "mic in" channel and route the audio to whichever track I like.

... actually why am I *not* doing that? i should switch.
(Especially cause FL has these cool knob plugins I could hook up to the track selector so I dont have to fiddle around in menus)

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