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It looks like there's not really a community on Discord for robots, dolls, and all sorts of other artificial kins. So, I decided I would make one.
I don't quite want to give out the link publicly, so DM me if you'd like to join.

(If you came here from my stories, there probably won't be hypno stuff going on there. If you want to join a cool hypno community on Discord I can get you a link for that too~)

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More drawings of maybe-me?
It's good practice at least. I like seeing how my drawing skill develops over time.

(I have humanoid hands and feet BTW I think, i just cant draw hands or feet waugh so i omitted/hid them)

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Lavender's Guide to Really Really Customizeable (Free) Real-Time Voice Effects 

Note: this is really heavyweight. Try things like Clownfish first:

You will need:
- a DAW. I use FL Studio, but any DAW that can host VSTs and record audio should work. I don't know of any free ones but I do know they exist.
- VAC Lite:
- Voxengo Recorder:

1) Install VAC Lite, which creates a virtual audio cable. Sending audio to the virtual speaker "Line 1" sends it to the virtual microphone also called "Line 1". (VAC is Windows-only, but I believe there similar programs for Mac, and if you use Linux I'm pretty sure you just plug the flumberboozle into the VKX virtual port... /s)
2) Set up your DAW to capture your mic audio, and edit it to your heart's content.
3) Mute your master channel, and put Voxengo Recorder on it. (Protip: to hear your voice as you work on it just unmute the master channel.)
4) In that VR instance, set "MME Device" to Line 1, and "Output To" to MME, then click Start.
5) In whatever application you want your souped-up voice (Discord, VRChat, TF2, etc), set the microphone in to Line 1 (the other end of the pipe you are sending the audio to)
6) Enjoy your nice new voice!

Feel free to share this around the internet but please credit me at least :)

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being robotkin means, although i know im a fairly standard human with a normal organic brain made out of amino acids, i like to pretend otherwise.

in other words, I'm `make believe`

Today's gender is "Don't be shy! You know, it's more afraid of you than you are afraid of it," said of something kept behind double-layered glass by scientists in long, white coats

that's right oomfies i'm back and on more progesterone than either (wow i haven't been on mastodon for a long time (nothing really happened I just kinda stopped))

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degradation, very obliquely possibly transphobic 

me telling everyone i only want she/her pronouns now to get degraded more effectively

well the little gay people in the computer certainly liked this post didn't they

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concept: succubus who says "damn you" when someone sneezes

possibly dollgore? in any case very gentle 

consider: doll gf with yarn for hair and moth gf who noms it

bureaucracy, gaslighting 

today i am *extra* horny about a three-way dynamic between the object in question, a veteran at administering the test, and someone learning how to administer it.

Administrator: Now, ask it this question.
Learner: ... Question 35. In Question 12 I mentioned an animal. What animal was it?
Subject: ... idon'trememberpleasepleasestopplease
L: Answer the question, please.
S: ... a ... a parrot?
A: Incorrect. So, Dr. L, now you...
L: ... increase voltage and return to Question 18, yes. *bzzrt*. Let's see here ... it's not doing very well, is it?
A: No. Incidentally, there was no animal mentioned in Question 13.
S: ... but... you said question twelve.
*Dr. L looks at Dr. A, who nods.*
L: *bzzrt*. Speak only when spoken to. Now, Question 18...

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bureaucracy, gaslighting 

today i am horny about administering tests to prove the sub is a philosophical zombie, and thus the dom can do anything they want to it without repercussion

scattered doll lore 

a doll, by definition, is a prayer animated by a Divinity. this definition does technically include the non-sentient creations of the clergies such as the prayer-wheel, but is most often used to refer to humanoid automata.

to create a doll, an artificer simply must set out to create one. as they lay their workshop full of intricate brass gears and copper hairsprings, porcelain plates and glass filaments, they may start to find more components in their stores than they remembered being there, and as they assemble all the delicate mechanisms together, irregardless of whether the design they have in mind would truly work, as they enter the workshop one day and pull off the tarp from the inchoate shell, they might find it more compact, the space inside condensed to fit ever more mechanical minutae than thick, mortal hands could place. this is because a functioning such doll, its being, its operating, serves as a living prayer to the Divinity of Artifice, and in anticipation of the worship She will bless the artificer and their future doll to ensure its coming about. and when the final cog is place and the final panel soldered fast, She will light a spark of divinity in it, and it will animate, banishing the impossibility of a mechanical system complex enough to cradle a sentience with a Miracle.

a similar process is used by witches to make their thaumaturgic dolls. the usual Divinity beseeched by the witch is Hospitality, but some witches prefer Otherside. such a doll is usually called a "mannequin" or "manakin" instead.

more kink joke 

twinning kinksters be like loao
mind control bottoms be like iyho

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possession kink joke 

possession kinksters be like lyao


oh to be a 6" fairy robot girl tied up with string

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cat's cradle but it's a sizeplay/bondage thing

hypno, tech kink 

look what i got~~

i am going to write the specification for my `gosub` triggers on at least one of these

tech... kink? 

i dont think this is even kink anymore it's just Want

Is there like, the equivalent of crush : squish :: kink : something?

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tech... kink? 

imagining being the host of a LAN party

sitting cross-legged in the center of a table, plugged full of cables, routing packets for a tableful of rowdy (but cool and based) gamers

getting praised for my service, knowing *I'm* the essential cornerstone

maybe i'll peek at the packets enough to project a scoreboard to my visor~ or gently tease people about their performance.

a little horny 

consider: robot girl who's been programmed by her Operator to not swear, so she *beep*s out her swears instead

horny, mention hexcorp 

Watched Tron with some robot friends last night ... oh god it was so good

i believe I said "wow, Hexcorp is just Tron but even hornier"

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