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It looks like there's not really a community on Discord for robots, dolls, and all sorts of other artificial kins. So, I decided I would make one.
I don't quite want to give out the link publicly, so DM me if you'd like to join.

(If you came here from my stories, there probably won't be hypno stuff going on there. If you want to join a cool hypno community on Discord I can get you a link for that too~)

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More drawings of maybe-me?
It's good practice at least. I like seeing how my drawing skill develops over time.

(I have humanoid hands and feet BTW I think, i just cant draw hands or feet waugh so i omitted/hid them)

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Lavender's Guide to Really Really Customizeable (Free) Real-Time Voice Effects 

Note: this is really heavyweight. Try things like Clownfish first:

You will need:
- a DAW. I use FL Studio, but any DAW that can host VSTs and record audio should work. I don't know of any free ones but I do know they exist.
- VAC Lite:
- Voxengo Recorder:

1) Install VAC Lite, which creates a virtual audio cable. Sending audio to the virtual speaker "Line 1" sends it to the virtual microphone also called "Line 1". (VAC is Windows-only, but I believe there similar programs for Mac, and if you use Linux I'm pretty sure you just plug the flumberboozle into the VKX virtual port... /s)
2) Set up your DAW to capture your mic audio, and edit it to your heart's content.
3) Mute your master channel, and put Voxengo Recorder on it. (Protip: to hear your voice as you work on it just unmute the master channel.)
4) In that VR instance, set "MME Device" to Line 1, and "Output To" to MME, then click Start.
5) In whatever application you want your souped-up voice (Discord, VRChat, TF2, etc), set the microphone in to Line 1 (the other end of the pipe you are sending the audio to)
6) Enjoy your nice new voice!

Feel free to share this around the internet but please credit me at least :)

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being robotkin means, although i know im a fairly standard human with a normal organic brain made out of amino acids, i like to pretend otherwise.

in other words, I'm `make believe`

@HTHR I raise you "white pawn promoted to black knight". It may not be as cool but it's notable

I'd like to take a moment to thank our wonderful instance admin, @HabitEXE (For no particular reason 🤔)

The existence of both a Batmobile and a Popemobile implies the existence of a Popearang and a Popesignal and

transgender lesbianism 

you know how snakes inject venom with their fangs

but like

being a vampire lesbian and biting your wife twice a day with your estrogen-injecting fangies

type of guy who misgenders neopronoun users with other, different neopronouns

transformation kink 

TF via peer pressure

Compliments on the tail they can't feel, snide comments about how unbecoming their personhood is, gentle group encouragement towards submissive behaviors

I mean, if everyone's saying they're a pet, there has to be some truth to the matter right?

where's that post that's like "iq play is a relic of a frankly pretty racist pseudoscience and is probably really Bad, but on the other hand hhhhhh number go down"

hypno joke 

there's a hilarious joke here (1 = 37) but it's only funny if you're my girlfriend

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hypno joke 

a proof by induction is when you hypnotize someone to believe you

in western tradition, vampires drink vital essence/life force, typically blood

in certain daoist traditions, semen is considered to have the most qi, which is life force

You are a fanfic version of the OC your parents made up to fit into the Earth's canon.

discovered there's a meme about tossing your old car batteries into the ocean to give the electric eels extra electrolytes (no people aren't actually doing this and you shouldn't, it's just funny)

incredibly bad post, jesus christ please do not open this, also like hypno and rpol ig 

ben shapiro does professional confusion inductions

What is the UI design equivalent of a hit box, e.g. the area you can click in order for the action to trigger?

Nordstrom, what the hell, these aren't colors, these are genders

— “you downloaded this file?”
— “yes, from the server” :blobcat:
— “not from the cache?”
— “nope, fresh from the server” :blobcat:
— “just now?”
— “yep! status code 200” :blobcat:

— “and how long did that take?”
— “0 milliseconds” :blobcatinnocent:

thinking about... a hacker girl and her AI girlfriend

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