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robokink, tf, not quite dronekink 

the difference between this and dronekink is that their ID designation, rather than replacing their name entirely, is something to be used as an affectionate tease to remind them they’re artificial

“isn’t that right, #28~?”

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slime & hypno kink, food, drugplay 

especially if they have to do with makeup, then this post refers to food drugs *and* cosmetics and the FD&C is legally required to read the entire thread

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slime & hypno kink, food, drugplay 

thinking bout things for my next story ... some things i have decided about slime girls (and boys (and enbies (etc)))
- they're edible! yummy. im not into vore so they just like scoop bits of themselves off, or you can suck slime out of them if you're being horny (Like this entire post isn't horny)
- slimes can change their flavor but they always have the same sorta notes, so you can ID someone by their flavor.
- slimegirl running a boba tea shop, where do you think the boba comes from 🤔🤔🤔
- i need to eat more irl because i must be hungry
- certain things they digest can change their gel's makeup. this is how they change flavor, suck on a grape lollipop and become grape flavor
- and this of course applies to your favorite hypnotic trance-inducing mind-blanking drugs too,
- so your newly mindless slimegirl can be directed to pour their gel down the throats and mucus membranes of anyone else you want mindless,
- and pour gel into their brains and keep them docile and controllable,
- and perhaps convert them into a slimegirl too if they're lucky
- @_@

anyways if you know any other sexy things for slimes to do, plz reply

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the abuse is explicit, listener take caution

i need help moving out ASAP

if you live anywhere in michigan or the midwest and have a spare room and can allow 3 rabbits (in the room with me) i need the help

i need to get away from them

//they need me to get away from them//

if you would like to help me save to move into a weekly motel/housing, you can find those links here:

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund

can someone give me the rundown on like, how to politely ask if people would like to commission you?
I'm worried as coming across as too pushy, mostly. like i already feel bad to put it in my bios ... even though how else would people know ...

I also am not super duper certain on like how the whole commissioning process goes? I've never commissioned anything, it's not something i'm super interested in. i'm just hoping someone likes my writing enough they want a custom story.

especially cause i get very little traffic from fedi about my stories. (In fact i get very little traffic on this account in general.)

so ... help what to do

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mastodon is great because you can be friends with a vampire, a mouse, several bunnies, and giant glaceons. and even an eel-or-something from japan

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LB (and here) trans USian folks go get your passports updated, you no longer need a doctor's note or court order to change your gender marker


@lavender mmmm animorphs..... transformation and mind control...... mmmmmmm

and uh the horrors of war and child soldiers

but mind control mmmmmmmm

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A long time ago i read some behind-the-scenes thing of the Animorphs tv show (although I've never watched it), and it mentioned they made the morphing sounds by stirring cooked pasta and snapping dry pasta

i am reminded of this as i eat pasta for dinner

My latest story is out! 

Sleight of Mind is now published on DA and Read Only Mind. Our POV character is slowly and hypnotically transformed into a cute little kitty.

Read it on DA:
Or on Read Only Mind:

I hope you enjoy!

terrible kinky story idea 

- in computer security, "fuzzing" a program is the act of sending a whole bunch of input at it trying to get the program to crash or otherwise do things it shouldn't
- it would be really hot to write a story about brave researchers doing that to dronified humans trying in vain to rescue them
- of course the drones would have safeguards against that, including emergency nanobots to reconstruct and assimilate any researchers trying to examine them
- people like reading about transforming into bunnypeople, fully within the power of the imaginary nanobots which follow the Rule of Maximum Sexy
- one of the most popular fuzzing harness suites IRL is called "american fuzzy lop" and is named after a species of rabbit

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Happy #PluralPrideDay to all the plural systems out there, of any kind or origin. 💜

horny, homestuck (i'm sorry) 

hey. hey pal. hey my buddy who i'm asking to edit the story

what the FUCK

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horny, homestuck (i'm sorry) 

my friend i asked to edit the story: so it's a little strange how the character's mind id being absolutely melted but they still describe it in long sentences
me: makes sense
MFIATETS: here, this is a story that does it really well
MFIATETS: *sends a link*
link: *is to erotic homestuck fanfiction on AO3*

Hello everyone, I've now opened a birbsite account where I expect to do more "professional" story-relating posts and stuff. Cause my fedi account has basically become my nsfw alt.

Or if you like you can check out this fancy new post on DA with both the link to Twitter *AND* a sneak preview of my next story!

i think reading @gardevoir 's posts is slowly making me more heterosexual

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nsfw, brainstorming interaction design for smart kink devices 

reed switches as locks?? magnetic keys that are wiped across a featureless chassis to enable or disable devices locked to their wearer, who has no way to access the controls themselves

power switch which is a turnkey lock mechanism, so the circuit is closed when the restraints are locked and open when they’re unlocked? this one feels particularly elegant imo

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hypno kink goof 

"You have a nice voice, you should work in radio"

Yes, I should have countless devoted attentive listeners hanging on my every word, following my instructions and pl- oh, uh, yeah I guess that'd be cool

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