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@monorail comes into my coffee shop. Well, comes up to outside of my coffee shop and looks through the window. I ask her what she wants.

She says "I think I want..."

Thirty seconds pass. A minute. A plastic bag blows by on the wind and is trapped against her side.

"...a regular coffee."

"Okay," I say, more than a little put off. "I can do you a regular coffee. But why the big pause?"

She looks down for a second, then back up at me.

"Got big legs."

How weird is it to wear cat ears around in public and should i buy some cat ears to wear around in public

hypno things 

re-asking the question: i have a catgirl transformation trigger that gives me a tail and i don't know if i should be able to lay on my back while under it? like would i crush it or can it go between my legs

hypno stuff 

i have a catgirl transformation trigger that gives me a tail and I've been trying to figure out if i can lie on my back like that. can it point down enough to come out between my legs or does it point out too much and get crushed?

hypno kinky stuff 

vague ideas for next story:
- seemingly-kitschy halloween event where people walk in one of the rooms and come out hypnotized
- Someone hides a hypnotic pattern in a book at the library or something, and every so often some poor soul walks up to their door totally blank
- more Evi and Mega (I actually have a whole outline for this one)

having recently read too much science fiction for my own good, i can no longer think of a good story idea without actually thinking about all of the ramifications instead of getting down to the horny parts @_@

interesting how i regularly make sfw puzzle games and semi-regularly write nsfw stories, but I don't really write sfw mystery stories and i definitely don't make nsfw games.
In fact i would hate having to make an nsfw game

hypno, trauma 

my favorite part about being hypnotized is probably not having to justify my actions to myself. i'm used to having to microanalyze every thought i have and vet it to make sure it's ok (due to trauma) but being in trance and under commands nips away that ability and lets me just do things

horny, hrt 

i love how when i get horny now i feel my nipples perk up and stiffen before my penis

gnhggnghnhn im growing tiddiieesssssss

'tis interesting to see the same people on the public timelines of this and my normal unhorny account

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πŸƒβ€‹yahaha, you found me

hypno kink 

Announcer TF2: The enemy has taken our intelligence
me: 😳😳😳😳😳😳

how do you get started doing commissions? people seem to like the stories I write (i've written some others under an alias too) and I enjoy doing it, and it would be a nice way to make a little money

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Lots of people talk about how the pokedex entries in gen vii were really dark but no one ever brings up my favourite one

As i get more accounts to associate with my story-writing-hypno-sona it becomes O(n) to update all of them each time i get a new one :(

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Which is my strongest defiance of my inherited southern US culture?

hypno, mantras 

to be honest i like tapping out this rhythm even without the hypno idea, it just feels good to get right

(This is from Adam Neely's video on Blue Rondo A La Turk, a jazz tune)

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hypno, mantras 

repetition legitimizes
repetition legitimizes
repetition legitimizes
repetition legitimizes
1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3
1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3
1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3

CW genital mention, tf2 

someone on tf2 vc: yeah i'm such a chad i have a 3 inch dick
me: don't say i have 7" don't say i have 7"

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