30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 17: If a curious novice asked you to introduce them to the world of hypno kink, where would you begin and why?

I would send them to the erotic hypnosis story by Wrestlr_ called "Jeremy's Story". It has full inductions and starts with a slow burn and amps up to hypno-orgy proportions.

Then I would talk to them about fantasy vs reality and what hypnosis can and cannot do. Also would have a basic safety discussion.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 16: Do you prefer male or female hypnotists/subjects? Why?

For kink purposes, male for both because i am gay.

For other purposes it does not matter as a subject. I have hypnotized both females and males. I think I would prefer a guy hypnotherapist but am not sure why.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 15: Do any of your friends and family know about your hypnosis kink? Why or why not?

They know of my interest in hypnosis but not my kinkiness with it... I hope. The people whom I date I often tell this too. In some cases, I met the person whom I was dating through hypnosis.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 14: What’s a common misconception people have about hypnosis?

That the hypnotist is all powerful or has magical powers. We are not. We do not. It is a skill based on science. And it involves the subject hypnotizing himself with the tist guiding the way. And for erotic hypnosis, providing some fun suggestions along the way that will help make the experience of being dominated feel more intense.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 13: How do you feel about stage hypnosis? Would you ever consent to trancing someone/being tranced in front of an audience?

A professional magician asked when my performances were. So I could maybe be on stage as a hypnotist. I would not want yo be on as a subject. Too worried I would wood.

Thsg said, I have done g rated demos for people in university.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 12: What’s your favorite pop culture reference about hypnosis?

The swaying pocket watch. You cannot go wrong with classic.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 11: Favorite erotic hypnotic experience?

A lot of it is the firsts. The first time a friend brought me back to my first orgasm; the first time I met my mentor in person; the first time I hypnotized my boyfriend. All are good.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink

Day 10: Favorite vanilla hypnotic experience?

When I received a message from a stranger that she used my hypnosis videos to have a pain free, drug free child birth.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 9: What is the most important characteristic you look for in a hypnotist or subject?

In a Tist: charisma. He should be attractive, knowledgeable, trustworthy and and have a personality that makes one want to go under.

In a sub: an imaginative willingness to trust so that I can guide him to a place within his mind that feels amazing, and so we can make positive changes in his life.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 8: Bimbofication: yay or nay?

Absolutely not. I want those who serve to be wicked smart. They are to focus their intelligence towards serving Me and making the world a better place.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 7: Are you a trance junkie (short term) or do you prefer a one hypnotist relationship (long term)? Why or why not?

Both. I learn tricks and techniques from many tists (& subs). Some are one time trances. Others form deep relationships and friendships. The deeper the friendship the better the trance. And the opportunity to not make a new friend is a wasted opportunity.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 6: Fractionation: “Yes, please!” or “No, I don’t like roller coasters.”?

As a Tist, I love this. Especially if the trigger happens naturally and slowly like looking into my eyes while chatting.
As a subject... it depends. Too much in and out can make me come out of trance more instead of going deeper.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 5: Instant trigger or long drawn out induction?

Long and drawn out. A friend uses that method with alot of Erickson language. It is the best way to go deep and it feels very good.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 4: Preferred method of induction?

Technically it is an eye fixation technique. What is unique is the eyes are fixated on the hypnotist's penis. It instantly sets up both a power dynamic and sexual energy that continues through the session.

I also enjoy traditional prog. relaxation with visualization. I am slowly getting better at Erickson methods.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 3: Do you like to install or experience amnesia?

I rarely experience amnesia as a subject, in part so I can learn from the hypnotist, so I can ensure the suggestions are safe, and do I can enjoy remembering what happened.

With subjects who naturally forget, I let that happen. I sometimes give temporary amnesia to subjects for fun. They remember what happened before we say goodbye for the night.

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 2: What was it like the first time you were tranced or tranced someone?

Wheni was 15, I hypnotized myself as my first subject. I used a rainbow induction that I found in a HS library book. I used a brass object as a focus. When I said "sleep" to myself, and my eyes snapped shut, I freaked and woke myself up immediately. After calming myself down, I tranced myself again. It felt amazing and was calm. It was peaceful. And I wanted more!

30 Days of Hypnosis Kink
Day 1: What’s your hypnosis origin story?

I wanted to learn REAL magick, so at age 12, I went to the library. I didn't realize the Occult and Psychology sections were right beside each other (or different). Of the books I read, hypnosis was the only thing that worked. I played around with hypno with some friends for a few years, then put it away.

Fast forward to being a teenager and discovering mcstories.com

And in college, I got good at hypnosis. Lots of practice!


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