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introduction, mentions of kink 

Alright, so pinned time.
I am Flesh.
If you're uncomfortable with that name, call me Polter.
I am a 23 bi-ish furrry fella with a mind control fetish. And a lot of others, many weird or unusual ones.
I'm kinda the stereotypical nerd hipster who thinks D&D is too mainstream and uses an Arch Linux PC.
I sometimes do writing, haven't properly in a while, but should do more.
You can find me as Trothoof on Furaffinity and Flesh on Hypnohub.
I use terribly inefficient (as of now) methods to occasionally generate spiral animations.
I'll add one of those pronoun sites later.
Discord: ꙮFleshꙮ#8940
Personal Discord server:

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hypno kink, furries 

So, (not quite original) idea, thread of mind control powers inspired by different animals for, like, furry or otherwise animal-themed characters.

Casual complaining about face masks 

I know good face masks don't cause much respiratory issues throughout normal use but the ones I got sure seem to make it harder to, like, catch my breath whenever I'm winded.

gamer salt 

Similar issue can occur with Knowledge/Intelligence stats expecting the player themselves to know things, but that can usually be remedied by actually using Recall Knowledge rolls.

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gamer salt 

TTRPG games have a common issue of there being technically stats like Charisma or Persuasion on the character sheets that end up kinda sidelined in social interactions.

Like, on one hand, I get it, roleplay is more interesting than just rolling for an entire conversation.
On the other, this basically advantages players who can talk well with a -3 to Charisma rolls over the socially anxious guy with a +5 in Charisma, basically making it a non-stat outside very specific skill uses.

Common point being you don't expect the player who plays a warrior to be able wield a sword for their character to be a swordmaster, so you shouldn't expect the bard player to be able to come up with convincing rhetoric on the spot for their character to be a deceptive scoundrel.

So, like, either use the stat in the game and have what's on the sheet actually matter to the character or just throw out the social stats and drop the pretense.

Kink, macro, hypnosis 

Mix the two in either direction and you've got some spicy smut, tell ya what.

It's kinda wild that we make pretty damn efficient computational subsystems and just kinda generally accept they should be specifically for making pretty pictures for our computer toys.

Weird goblin joke 

Goblin dudes aren't ugly, you're just misogynistic.

Talk of allergy and skin reactions, talking about not taking medication 

Pros of not taking my allergy medication:
+ Weird skin reaction go brrr

Cons of not taking my allergy medication:
- Real annoying itchiness

Legal disclaimer: This refers to my experience with not taking the medication for relatively short periods, not generalisable to the wider allergic public.

gaming salt 

I sure am not pleased when Humble Bundle has an RPG bundle and the actual core rulebook for that system, the one thing you want to get if you're new to a game, is only available in the most expensive tier of the bundle.

hypno kink, dubcon 

Novelty t-shirts that brainwash the wearer based on the print.

Like an "I'm tired" shirt that constantly makes the wearer sleepy.

Or "Ask me about Star Trek" one that makes you infodump with surprising accuracy.

Or just one that says "Slut" in all caps that, well, you know what it does.

hypno kink, worship 

Dragons should be worshipped or brainwashed. Preferably both.

nsfw, audience participation, gas masks, mention of personal weight 

Y'all wanna see a naked fat guy in a gas mask?

AI discourse 

Notably peeveed at the amounts of people just casually playing with the new GPT3 thing.
And pretty much any AI thing, really.

Public Service Announcement:
Thank you for your attention.

Protip: create a filter for `RT @` (no backticks) and set it to not match whole words to filter out the worst of twitter crossposting

Hypno kink, noncon, sex, genitals, horny concept for the day 

Normalisation. Be it a single person oddly convinced sucking a friend's dick is normal behaviour or an entire town celebrating Melt Your Brain Day, there's great appeal in either making people think something horny is normal or it being normal in the setting.

alien hiveminds, psychological horror, mention of body horror, political themes, bit long 

I'm tired, so my thoughts may not be best conveyed here, but I hope the basic idea is apparent enough.

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alien hiveminds, psychological horror, mention of body horror, political themes, bit long 

So, you know how alien hiveminds and other assimilators are supposed to be scary because of all that loss of individuality and self and such?
But they also are often designed as weird tentacly or techy body horror things.
Makes them really give off "the other" vibes. Which is fair if that's quite what you're going for.
But if you're going for the horror of losing one's identity by being subsumed by a collective, consider making it "human", "us" instead of "them".
Make it the image of normalcy, humanity devoid of its diversity, but still visibly human. A ruthless, subsuming force that demands conformity; not coming as an outside force trying to take our humanity, but a dark manifestation of its flaws. A reminder that it's often not a disruptive "other" that threatens our individuality, but conformity to the established normal.


Man, sure is a lot of 3D smut around with just unappealing low-quality human models lacking proper stylisation to actually look good and not underbaked.

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