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Promoting the Queer Hypnosis Discord again! It's a server I admin that provides a relaxed, informative space to enjoy, discuss and share hypnosis as a kink.

We try to handle things differently from other online hypnosis spaces;
- Structural problems or changes are discussed openly and publicly with the community.
- Kink play is discussed with consent and safety in mind.
- No stifling gender / kink role assignment; exploration and expression are encouraged.
- We've got conversation-starting matchmaking channels, for people looking to meet new play partners.

Everyone's welcome to join, whether they wanna get involved or just lurk.


queer hypno kink discord, sappy personal stuff 

I realized I first made the server like 2 years 9 months ago and idk

I'm just like, really proud of it as a space and community, it hasn't been super active the entire time but it's very much the kind of place I wish I'd had access to early on in my time doing hypno stuff

queer hypno kink discord, very sappy personal stuff 

Idk, I don't have words for this, but

I think building spaces for groups of people to like, exist and do stuff and be themselves and have a good time in is something I really like doing, and I feel like the queer hypno Discord is probably the best I've ever done with that, and idk

It feels good to have helped with that, not in an 'I did this' way but in a 'I worked on this' way

I know it's just a Discord but I'm glad I've put as much effort into it as I have


queer hypno kink discord, very sappy personal stuff, porn 

@HabitEXE Sorry I forgot the porn cw last time

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