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Thinkin about a hypnotist, all tied up in ropes, using their skills to help their currently dominant partner who's struggling to get into a mindset where they can give the hypnotist the punishment they deserve

The trance starts out typical, but once the subject agrees that they're feeling ready to take on their dominant role again, not even the hollow sound of entranced affirmations can stop the hypnotist from feeling a little nervous.

The awakening subject picks up on quivers in the hypnotists tone, and before they've even been counted back up to 10, the subject has a sinister grin on their face, and stands up straighter than before, menacing their bound, submissive hypnotist


hypno, d/s kink 

@HabitEXE I've had this fantasy since forever, but especially since learning I have the knack for hypnotizing people. I've written stories about it, posted one or two of them to Usenet so they might well be on nifty or mcs or wherever, though I can't say I've looked.

But I've never once in my life been able to go from submitting to someone to dominating them and then submit to them afterward ever again. I can't explain it, it's way down in there somewhere that I don't understand, but my first live-in (dominant) boyfriend was wearing my hood and collar in like 3 weeks. Even as a service top, even though it would be essentially just giving him permission to play a role he's expressed interest in and that I'd DESPERATELY* want him to play... I do see my hypnotic subjects as submissive to me, and everything I do is meant to help them feel safe submitting to me and want to progress into deeper submission to me.

But I mean, this would be amazing, if I found a dominant dude who had been hypnotized before or was curious enough to come to me because he wanted more but would be no one's slave. Maybe the best question is whether I trust myself to keep the subject safe, horned up and feeling evil all while bound in some way... AND keep enough control of the situation that I don't get harmed (which would obviously hurt the subject too).

Moving to an area that hosts one of the biggest (mixed) hypno gatherings each year, so who knows, I might get my "extreme Dom makeover" situation someday.

*I think some of the situations I've put myself in while seeking a situation where I'm thoroughly submissive to a nice man for a little while, and boy oh boy, is desperation ever the word. The bad chemistry, the chemistry that's so good I let someone harm me, the weird-ass follow-up dance normals do where we're not sure we're in a relationship or not, both secretly hoping for it but trying to conceal it... I envy the folks who can successfully practice our shared kink over the internet or even just in chat and be fulfilled by it, because IRL hookups, especially kinky ones, have always been rife with peril... every day more than the last, but the peril seems to be piling up of late.

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