It's been a busy few days! Lots of news, not enough time to toot. Well, busy is better than bored!

@FuzzyRed told me that it was remarkably easy to slip back into the slave mindset while videochatting with me, and we've decided that I'm going to start controlling parts of his life, in a somewhat similar way to how I did while we both lived in the same city a few years ago. He's currently locked in chastity, and we're discussing other ways that I can control him, including clothing choices, findom, and picking tattoos for him.

@FuzzyRed and I are learning from each other about how to make this work effectively. I've dominated so many men over the years, but it's interesting how every situation is different. What works with one submissive person doesn't work for another. @FuzzyRed has been very communicative about what works for him and how far he's willing to go, which has been really, really helpful. I also like how he's been referring to himself as "your slave" in all of our written communication.

I've also been hearing a lot from @HappySub, who is *very* eager for his next hypnosis session. He's been into erotic hypnosis for many years, and he drops very quickly whenever I hypnotize him. He also experiences post-hypnotic amnesia more strongly than anyone I've ever worked with.

The day after our first hypnosis session, I contacted @HappySub to ask how he was feeling. He was confused because he had entirely forgotten our hypnosis session! When he checked his phone and saw that we had videochatted for an hour the day before, he was very surprised. But he also told me that he instantly got hard as soon as we started chatting, so clearly *some* part of his body knew what was going on!

@HappySub also put himself in chastity without being asked. He sent me this picture after we had been chatting for a little while: clearly, he's enjoying himself! I asked him for permission to post it publicly, and his response was "That’s not my choice Master". Yep, I think I'm pretty deep in his head already.

I also heard from @Slimsub, who is going crazy from horniness & hormones while in quarantine. Fortunately, he seems to be putting all his energy to good use, and has been improving both his body and his mind. He's much happier and healthier than he was when we first started talking, and it's beautiful to see the way he continues to grow and develop. We have another hypnosis session scheduled, and it sounds like there's something very specific he wants to work on. I'm looking forward to it!

And then there's my muscle beast @bjmaniaczq, who accused me of "breaking" him. It wasn't intentional! All I did was give him some hypnotic suggestions that he interpreted in a very different way from how I intended... 😖

Hypnosis is based on communication, and communication is always imperfect. If I attempt to convey an idea to someone else, they usually don't understand *exactly* what I mean the first time I say it. It usually takes a few repetitions, and sometimes answering some clarifying questions, to make sure that they understand exactly what I mean.

When a hypnosis subject misunderstands the idea that the hypnotist is trying to convey, the results can range from humorous to catastrophic.

Sidenote: I once hypnotized someone and helped him explore his subconscious mind to understand himself better. I used the metaphor of wandering through a big house, looking into different rooms. At one point, we found a room with a closed door, and he told me looked important. I told him to open the door and step inside. To my surprise, he took me quite literally: he stood up, mimed opening a door, stepped through, mimed closing the door, and sat down again. The memory still makes me laugh. 😂

Back to @bjmaniaczq. During one of our hypnosis sessions, I decided to try something a bit different. I introduced the idea that working out would send him into a kind of trance -- where he felt brainwashed, and compelled to push himself hard to get bigger & stronger. I thought it would be arousing for him, and motivate him more to enjoy his workouts.

Unfortunately, his subconscious mind apparently heard the words "trance" and "brainwashed", and stopped there.

A few days later, @bjmaniaczq told me that when he tried to work out, he kept zoning out and sinking into a catatonic state, similar to how he feels when I hypnotize him. Oops! He (jokingly) accused me of breaking him and sabotaging his workouts -- definitely not what I intended!

After discussing the situation with @bjmaniaczq to make sure that I understood it correctly, I surprised him by saying his trigger word and instantly sending him into trance. Then, I clarified my intentions with his subconscious mind, and told him that he would be *more* motivated and driven to work out, not less.

I talked with @bjmaniaczq a bit more today, and it seems like things are going in a generally positive direction. His subconscious mind seems to be having some trouble processing the suggestion, which indicates that I could be using words or ideas that don't work for him. I'll keep tweaking things until I find something that works for him. I want my muscle beast to be happy, eager, and motivated to work out and get bigger!


@HairyHypnotist @bjmaniaczq
All the posts I read between you two are so hot >.< :)

I'm totally new to hypnosis, but reading your interactions makes me want to try it.

@bxradical22: Thanks! I’m glad that others are reading my toots. Maybe @bjmaniaczq can talk more about his experience with you, if you want?

And of course, you’re welcome to book a hypnosis session with me sometime, if you want. 😉 Send me a DM, and let’s talk.

@bxradical22 @HairyHypnotist @bjmaniaczq Very much worth it! It’s an amazing experience. I’m happy to talk about my experiences as well, if you have any questions, in public or private.

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