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Finding myself at a slightly uncomfortable point of androgyny(?) where sufficiently queer people are seemingly willing to fudge their stated binary gender preferences as long as it looks like I'm gonna dom them

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Option 1: I continue not questioning the stated gender preferences of people who approach me even when those preferences do not include me, because it's not my business to tell people who they're supposed to be attracted to, even if that does lead to me sitting uncomfortably with the knowledge that they will likely continue examining me through the lens of gender every moment we spend together

Option 2: The same thing but I keep a bag of tomatoes nearby, so if someone tries to gender me I can throw tomatoes at them

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Here's the deal; if you're not attracted to the Final Fantasy bunny boys, I don't think you'll be attracted to me

Not because I match the aesthetic of the bunny boys or anything, I just don't know what we'd have in common at that point


@HabitEXE I can see the appeal of bunny boys, but I'd definitely want to dom/top rather than sub. 😄

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