I don't know why it's so hard to find guys who are willing to dumb you down.

hypno kink 

@PupRogue Not that we're near one another or anything, but objectification and depersonalization are two of my biggest kinks, and dumbing down is part of that. But I don't really want a slave to act like a dumb gym rat, I want him to forget literally everything but what he's doing. If it's dishes, all he knows how to do is dishes; he can't even speak. If it's sucking my dick, then that's all he knows. Idle, he's just silently, mindlessly repeating a mantra. What kind do you like?

hypno kink 

@drowsydawg I'm more into the "himbo" type scenario.I am submissive but I don't have an owner. That would be a whole other situation, I think. Being single I tend to overthink everything and I love the idea of just being ditzy and horny, being all about sex, dressing slutty, looking for someone to use me. If I were owned all my thoughts would be about my owner.

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