Remember, being hypnotized is a skill. Like any skill, some people are naturally more talented than others, but everyone improves with practice. The more you get hypnotized, the deeper you’ll go each time, and the longer the effects will last.

I know this guy wants to go even deeper, so I hope he’ll contact me for another session soon! 😉

Afterwards, we talked about the experience, and he thanked me for respecting his limits and boundaries. (I take that sort of thing very seriously.) Hopefully I’ll see him again in the future! I could tell that he *really* enjoyed it, and I did too.

Next time we do this, I’ll ask him to bring a dildo and I’ll use that on his hole for awhile while he’s spread-eagled and helpless. If he doesn’t have one, that’s no problem — I can always buy one just for him, and he can pay me back!

He was also really turned on by the idea of magnets holding his body in place, like I did to @irmaodomario and @PupMiloNL. That worked *really* well on him, especially when I combined it with fingering his ass. He loves the idea of being immobilized, unable to resist as I stretch his hole. For someone with very little experience with men, I was surprised at how easily his hole opened up: I got four fingers in there at one point!

Before we started, this guy told me that he didn’t have much experience being intimate with men, and I saw that during the session. He was very aroused the whole time, but he didn’t initiate any physical contact, and when I tried to cuddle with him, he told me that he felt a bit uncomfortable. He really likes the idea of being used and played with, and he told me many times that he loved feeling my hands on his body. 😈

I had him take off his clothes, and he was rock-hard. I gave him some triggers focused around pleasure and obedience, and he loved it. I could tell that he was sometimes coming out of trance a bit, so I decided to play into that and do some fractionation: bringing him *all* the way out of trance, and then *all* the way back down, deeper than before. He loved it; he kept on asking to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

After he asked me all the questions he had, I had him lie down and relax, and I started bringing him down into trance. He responded really nicely, and pretty soon his eyelids were fluttering a bit and he was responding to my words with short, relaxed responses: a very strong sign that he’s deeply hypnotized.

He told me at the start that he had very little experience with hypnosis. He had never really been hypnotized before; he tried listening to files online, and they never worked very well for him.

I told him that I always recommend working with a live hypnotist rather than listening to a file, because a live hypnotist can see what’s working well for you and adjust the hypnosis session to focus on that. A pre-recorded file can’t do that.

Just did another in-person session; the first one in awhile! This one was with another guy who found me on Mastodon. We’ve been chatting for awhile, but never had the opportunity to actually meet until today.

Just noticed that my HypnosisForGuys profile didn’t have a link to my Mastodon account! Fixed. 😄

If you’re not aware of HypnosisForGuys (or H4G, as it’s often called), it’s a social network for guys who are into hypnosis; primarily erotic hypnosis, but other kinds as well. Once you make an account, you can view other profiles. Here’s mine:

I’m glad I went, but I’m not sure if I’ll go back. I usually enjoy a good mindfuck more than a sexclub.

It was fun for awhile, but we both got a bit bored after awhile. It was hard to actually have conversations with people, so it was mostly about playing or watching others play. And while it can be fun now and then to have others watch, usually I prefer a private, one-on-one situation.

Explicit gay sex 

Took my slave to The Boots last night ( It’s a giant gay sexclub in Antwerp, Belgium: 5 floors plus a basement. I’ve wanted to see it for awhile.

Just booked a trip to Antwerp, Belgium to visit a friend/slave. I’ll be there from January 10 to 12. Let me know if you’re interested in meeting up while I’m there!

Got a boy coming over to exchange gifts tonight and I am *sorely* tempted to make some sort of Daddy Christmas-themed hypno scene out of the evening

Feel free to ask @vortex about me, by the way. He probably doesn’t remember much about what I did to him, but he and I have chatted a fair amount outside of trance, too. He’s a good guy, and I look forward to working with him more in the future. 😈

After I brought him out of trance, I asked him what he remembered.

“Well, I remember getting naked at the beginning. And I remember listening to your voice... and how nice it sounds... and how... good... it felt... and...”

And seeing how badly he wanted it, and how he was already halfway there just from the memory, I triggered him again. And he slipped back down into the sound of my voice, blissfully happy, and even deeper in trance than before.

I asked him in advance what he was looking for from me, so I knew what he wanted: deep obedience training. So that’s exactly what I gave him. He looked so relaxed, happy, and peaceful while he mindlessly repeated “I must obey... I must obey...”

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