Today I had my first hypnosis experience with @HairyHypnotist and it was very nice and interesting. Learning about hypnosis but also about myself. And tho at first it didn’t seem to go very well, in the end there were definitely some good results. Happy pup! 🐾🐶

When you threw your sock to the top of the bed. I was this close to starting to fetch you all the tissues out of the box sitting there. 😇

@HairyHypnotist @PupMiloNL

This is an important thing to highlight -- sometimes tists can be very a bit dismissive if a sub isn't a quick match and does everything easily right away. So much gets better and comes from practice. :)

@PupMiloNL is new to Mastodon, but he's also on Twitter, Facebook, Recon, PlanetRomeo, and Fetlife. If you're curious about his experience (or about puppy play in general) reach out and send him a message -- he's very friendly! (And a *very* good boy.)

@PupMiloNL had a bit of trouble going into trance at first, but the more I worked with him, the deeper he went and the more strongly my suggestions affected him. Not everyone drops instantly and completely, and it's OK if you have trouble with hypnosis at first. If you find a skilled hypnotist that you feel comfortable with, you can and will go into trance eventually. Practice helps!

When I brought him out of it, he told me that although he was very familiar with the pup headspace, it always took him a long time to get into it -- until today. He and I were both impressed at how instantaneously he went into pup mode when I triggered him. And I noticed that even when I brought him out of it, he chose to remain on his hands and knees while talking to me -- so of course, I dropped him back down for a bit more puppy fun. 😉

Finally, I gave @PupMiloNL the trigger I knew he really wanted: something to instantly put him into a pup headspace and make him a happy, eager puppy. It worked *really* well, just as I knew it would: he was sniffing, barking, wagging his tail, and playing fetch with my sock in no time.

I started playing around with fractionation, as well: bringing @PupMiloNL up out of trance, chatting for a few minutes, and sending him back down, deeper than before. He responded quite well to that, as well: afterwards, he told me that noticed that he was very distracted by noises outside at the start of the session, but he totally stopped noticing them by the end.

During the pre-talk, I asked @PupMiloNL what he wanted to do with hypnosis, and he told me he really like bondage and exploring the pup headspace. So once I got him a bit deeper into trance, I gave him the same bondage trigger that I gave @irmaodomario last week: metal manacles around his wrists and ankles, pulled by magnets at the corners of the bed. He was so surprised that he started laughing as his arms slowly rose up above his head, and his legs spread apart.

I gave him a different induction that I usually try with people who have highly analytical minds: a simple, repetitive mental task to occupy to the conscious mind while I talk to the subconscious. I could tell pretty quickly that it was working much better: @PupMiloNL started to relax more deeply and respond to the suggestions I gave him around physical sensations.

We started with a progressive relaxation induction, and I could tell that it did help him relax and feel less nervous. However, he wasn't really going into trance. After several variations on this, I asked him about this, and he admitted that it didn't seem like it was working very well. So I decided to try something a bit different.

Today, I finally did a hypnosis session with @PupMiloNL. We've talked about it for awhile, but our schedules never aligned until today. It was his first time being hypnotized, and I could tell he was both excited and nervous. After chatting for awhile and answering his questions, I suggested that we get started, and he agreed.

I'm trying to meet more friendly, kinky people in the Netherlands, and a few months ago, I met @PupMiloNL after we both went to IML together in Chicago. He organizes Bark & Play, a social pup-play event in the Netherlands. I've gone twice now, and had a great time!

Not that his struggles did any good, of course. Those “super-magnets” kept @irmaodomario pinned down and spread-eagled, and the more he struggled, the stronger they became. Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity... but if you want to know how I did so and what happened next, maybe you should ask @irmaodomario himself. 😉

I think my favorite part of the whole session was giving him hypnotic suggestions even after he came out of trance. I could tell that @irmaodomario was very suggestible, so all I had to do was describe a scenario, and he would start being affected by it. So when I started describing how I had four super-magnets at the corners of my bed, and he had thick, steel manacles around his wrists and ankles... well, you can imagine how hot it was to see him struggle against his own mind.

@irmaodomario told me afterwards that he had never experienced post-hypnotic amnesia before, but he felt it very strongly with me. Not only did he forget what happened while he was hypnotized, but he had no desire to remember after he came out of trance. He thought that was incredibly hot — and so did I. It also meant that I had more opportunity to surprise him with triggers that he didn’t expect.

@irmaodomario: “It’s like you’re reading my mind!”

Me: “Well, more like I’m writing it for you.”

I also decided to play around with depth of trance. There were several times that I brought @irmaodomario out of trance while he was still completely obedient to my voice. We talked for a bit, I asked him what he wanted to do next, and he told me. But then informed him that actually, he wants to do something completely different — and all of a sudden, he realized that I was absolutely right! He didn’t want to do that first thing at all, he wanted exactly what I told him to want. Amazing! 😏

He loved it. It didn’t take long before I had @irmaodomario naked on my bed, his cock hard and oozing pre-cum, mindlessly repeating how much he loves the sound of my voice. That quickly became a compulsion for him: repeating that phrase whenever I told him to, unable to stop until I decided he could.

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