Feel free to ask @vortex about me, by the way. He probably doesn’t remember much about what I did to him, but he and I have chatted a fair amount outside of trance, too. He’s a good guy, and I look forward to working with him more in the future. 😈

After I brought him out of trance, I asked him what he remembered.

“Well, I remember getting naked at the beginning. And I remember listening to your voice... and how nice it sounds... and how... good... it felt... and...”

And seeing how badly he wanted it, and how he was already halfway there just from the memory, I triggered him again. And he slipped back down into the sound of my voice, blissfully happy, and even deeper in trance than before.

I asked him in advance what he was looking for from me, so I knew what he wanted: deep obedience training. So that’s exactly what I gave him. He looked so relaxed, happy, and peaceful while he mindlessly repeated “I must obey... I must obey...”

Instantaneous trance. His arms dropped down, his head tilted back, eyes rolled back in his heads, eyelids fluttering.

It was quite impressive. And really hot.

Had another hypnosis session with @vortex earlier today. He’s been telling me for the last few days that he really needs to go under again, and he’s been listening to hypno MP3s on loop. He even sent me the one he was listening to the most.

Guess what happened when I used the trigger from that MP3 on him while we were videochatting?

Heading to the east coast of the US for about two weeks. I’m not sure if I’ll have any time for hypnosis sessions, but feel free to contact me if you’re interested and in the area! Maybe we can work something out.

He’s already scheduled another session with me for next week, and he’s VERY eager. I don’t think he has any particular goals in mind: it seems he just wants me to hypnotize him again and again, and experience the pleasure of submission.

Have I mentioned that I love my job? 😄

I asked him what he thought of the experience:

“On a scale from one to ten, I’m at about a 14 right now”

I asked him if it was what he expected:

“It’s about a hundred times better than I ever thought it would be!”

He was an excellent subject, as well. It didn’t take me long to start putting suggestions and triggers in his mind, and I could tell he loved every minute of it. When I brought him out of trance, he told me that he didn’t remember anything that happened, but he found himself sitting in a puddle of pre-cum with a HUGE smile on his face.

He told me that he was curious about submission. Once I had him in trance, I discovered that was a gross understatement. The man was eager, almost desperate, to submit. It appears my voice brought out a slave mentality that he had never really explored before.

Did another hypnosis session earlier today, with a new client in California. He told me he was curious about hypnosis because an ex-boyfriend tried it once, and subsequently gave him the best blowjob he had ever experienced. Now this guy wanted to experience actually being hypnotized, himself.

Writing all that out made me realize that maybe it wasn’t *that* quiet, after alll... 🤔

The last month or so has been fairly quiet for me, from a hypnosis perspective. All that happened was:

* A long-term hypnosis client of mine visited me in-person for a weekend
* A former slave got back in contact with me after a long break, and asked to serve me again
* A new client had his first session with me, and is so excited by the results that he wants to book 5 more sessions in advance
* A guy contacted me out of the blue on Skype, asking me to teach him how to hypnotize others

Today I had my first hypnosis experience with @HairyHypnotist and it was very nice and interesting. Learning about hypnosis but also about myself. And tho at first it didn’t seem to go very well, in the end there were definitely some good results. Happy pup! 🐾🐶

When you threw your sock to the top of the bed. I was this close to starting to fetch you all the tissues out of the box sitting there. 😇

@HairyHypnotist @PupMiloNL

This is an important thing to highlight -- sometimes tists can be very a bit dismissive if a sub isn't a quick match and does everything easily right away. So much gets better and comes from practice. :)

@PupMiloNL is new to Mastodon, but he's also on Twitter, Facebook, Recon, PlanetRomeo, and Fetlife. If you're curious about his experience (or about puppy play in general) reach out and send him a message -- he's very friendly! (And a *very* good boy.)

@PupMiloNL had a bit of trouble going into trance at first, but the more I worked with him, the deeper he went and the more strongly my suggestions affected him. Not everyone drops instantly and completely, and it's OK if you have trouble with hypnosis at first. If you find a skilled hypnotist that you feel comfortable with, you can and will go into trance eventually. Practice helps!

When I brought him out of it, he told me that although he was very familiar with the pup headspace, it always took him a long time to get into it -- until today. He and I were both impressed at how instantaneously he went into pup mode when I triggered him. And I noticed that even when I brought him out of it, he chose to remain on his hands and knees while talking to me -- so of course, I dropped him back down for a bit more puppy fun. 😉

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