More trips coming up! Next week, I’m off to Edinburgh to meet another hypno-friend. Mid-August, I’ll be traveling through the south of France. And in early September, I’m visiting London.

Want to meet up with me? Send me a message, and let’s make it happen!

Spent a lovely day with @vortex in Vienna. Hypnosis, dinner, and swimming naked in the river... and a few triggers here and there, of course. 😉

We’ve been chatting together online for so long, and I’m really glad we finally got to meet in person!

Heading to Vienna tomorrow, staying until Sunday. Let me know if you're in the area and you want to meet up!

Planning to meet privately with a pup & handler to teach them about erotic hypnosis — and I’ll probably end up doing a demo with the pup. 😉

Checking out Bark & Play for the first time — and it’s a lot of fun! 🐶

I’m happy to report that the M/F couple had a great time! I only hypnotized him (she wasn’t interested), but as I expected, I was able to take him fairly deep and gave him some fun triggers.

Definitely still room for improvement, though! He wants me to do a session over videochat in the future, and record it so that he can listen to it over and over again. I think he’s going to be hooked on the sound of my voice pretty soon... 😉

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I’m curious to talk to his wife, and see what sort of fun suggestions and triggers she has in mind for him. I don’t often work with women, but I certainly have nothing against doing so. She’s probably cooked up some devious ideas for him.

Or if she hasn’t, I have a few devious ideas of my own to run by her... 😈

I suspect that all of this repetition will make him extremely suggestible and pliable. However, he’s never gone extremely deep into a trance — probably because he’s never had a hypnotist customize the experience for his desires and the way his mind works. Once he starts to trust me and feel comfortable, his mind will drop like a rock: just like he has programmed it to.

I’m having a conversation with a M/F married couple about hypnotizing the guy to become completely dominated and owned by his wife. He’s been listening to hypnosis audio tracks and watching videos for literally years, but has never worked with a live hypnotist.

This will be fun. 😈

Thinking of visiting London for Fetish Week, 6-14 July. Does anyone there want to meet up while I'm there?

I just did another session with a recurring client of mine. He's grown *so* much in the last few months of us working together, and I think this was another breakthrough session. I'm so proud of him.

Heading back to Amsterdam now. Bye America! You’ve been fun, but I’m ready to go back home. 🇳🇱

I lost count of how many hypnosis sessions I did at . Seven? Eight? Somewhere around that number...

Lots of happy, horny subjects! I love making people feel good 😈

Now off to dinner with another potential subject from the meetup. I wonder what the evening will bring... 😈

I’ve done two hypnosis sessions today so far: one with a young, subby guy who just wanted to serve and please me, and an older man who saw me at the meetup and decided he wanted to book a session with me. They were both a lot of fun, but the older guy was really sweet — he was really happy to cuddle and connect with me. We had a VERY hot time.

Whew, big day! I ran an erotic hypnosis meetup at , along with Neil ( It was VERY well attended: the room was PACKED. Probably 50 guys there!

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