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hypno, petplay kink 

@HabitEXE Roll over, paws up, like when a cat or dog rolls onto their back asking for belly rubs, then ur just super subby or something.

hypno, petplay kink 

'(Put your) paws up' is a very cute trigger phrase idea but I have no idea what it would actually do πŸ€”

drone kink goof, what do you call a drone that's left its hivemind 

A dron't

re: poll 

The only thing this poll accomplished is making me painfully curious about why anyone picked their answer

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Which energy do I have

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tag yourself 

I've been informed that 'Habit energy' is a thing but I don't see it on this list πŸ€”

hypno kink, induction idea, long 

The subject is standing alone in a field, grass at their feet, clear air blowing across their skin, with a clear night sky above them. The moon hangs low in the sky, bright and perfectly round. They watch it drift closer, until it waits directly above them, filling their vision

Then, slowly, they feel the sensation of being lifted from the earth. Just a gentle pull, but as it starts to exceed the earth's gravity, they start to rise, the faint tickle of grass left behind as they float above the treetops, towards the celestial object, that only grows larger

The features of the earth disappear as they watch, until there's nothing but a blue circle behind them, a white one in front, and the endless starry void on all sides. The sensations of rising fades away to nothing; stillness, even as they move closer and closer to the moon.

As the distance grows shorter, 'rising' starts to feel like 'falling', and they drift towards the surface. There's a sense of acceleration, but without air resistance it's hard to tell. The cratered surface comes into more detail, and they can see their hypnotist, standing on the surface.

The sight causes them to slow until they only feel a gentle pull again, the hypnotist holding out their arms to finally, effortlessly catch the subject, wrapped safely in warm arms after a long journey, ready to sleep.

kink goof 

If you ever use an idea I post for actual kink play you legally have to tell me, the validation I get from hearing about that can sustain me for weeks

dishonored, sex, hypno, bondage, monster kink 

All of Emily's powers ranked by horniness:

1) Mesmerize: Hypnotizing people with visual fixation on an ominous crystalline tear in reality, do I have to say literally anything else

2) Shadow Walk: She turns into a big shadow monster with claws that can fill tight spaces easily. We never see its form, but I find it hard to believe it's not incredibly hot

3) Doppelganger: She can temporarily make a shade of herself that can do the stuff she does. Double-teaming someone with a slightly creepier clone of herself? Fuckin great

4) Domino: Links two (or more!) people together so that they share sensations and experiences. Strap-on + partner with dick is a good fuckin combo

5) Far Reach: Brings out a little void tendril; basically just a length of rope she always has on hand. Tying people up, whipping them, pulling them in for smooches, etc.

6) Dark Vision: It's Dark Vision, I don't fuckin know. I put it at the bottom of the list for a reason

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dishonored, hypno kink 

Wrestling with the eternal conflict between the fact that I am probably the only person who would write this, and the fact that I will probably not write this

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dishonored, hypno kink 

I am once again thinking about a romantic relaxing cathartic tender consensual hypno fic starring Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin and Wyman, her partner of unspecified (and therefore non-binary) gender

horny purchase, read this post in all caps because I am *screaming* 

A ~certain item~ finally arrived in the mail and it says what it is on the box because whoever sent it forgot to add some documents or something and someone had to look inside


hypno kink ish, mind control ish, tech kink ish, idk 

Vaguely considering an idea where 'thought energy' is like, a resource that has use / value and can be stolen / repurposed πŸ€”

The process just kind of leaves people dazed and empty-headed, but they're back to normal within 24 hours at most, maybe a little frustrated and struggling to remember recent events but otherwise unharmed

Since people can generate their own it's not really something they need to worry about, but maybe there's like, alien machines that

[at this point I realized I was kinda just talking about the Matrix and gave up but you get the idea]

tech kink, robots, rough 

Destabilizing their motor functions with a targeted EMP, strapping a disposable collar to their neck that locks out wireless communication and other emergency functions, rolling them onto their front and putting a knee between their shoulders, opening the panel on the back of their head, interfacing with their neural net and harvesting anything that isn't nailed down, leaving them dizzy and disoriented and wandering the streets with nothing but a collar to remember their experience by

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tech kink 

Aggressive data extraction

ffxiv goof 

What if we kissed πŸ˜™ in Ul'dah..... 20 minutes before server maintenance 😟 .... and we were both catboys..... 😳

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Watching a couple of boys blow kisses and affectionately emote at each other in Ul'dah 😍

(while I'm trying to figure out how to spend company seals)

ffxiv, other people being kinda horny 

I'm not particularly bothered and I probably should've expected that the low-key horny queer folks who gave their FC a raunchy name and ranks would do this, but they changed the FC tag to 'Harem' so now my Viera's running around with 'Harem' next to her name where everyone can see it 😩

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