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Just add 'you have a nice voice' on the end of any of the things I post for this, you all have very nice voices

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@glitchyrobo I've said it before but your art slaps and the Human Domestication Guide is v cute

We've only hung out a couple of times but I really enjoyed it, you're very pleasant to talk to

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@Lioness I really like seeing your posts! You know a lot of interesting stuff and think a bunch of interesting thoughts, and share it all really well, which is somethin I admire.

Also you're very kind and have great taste in kink

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I wanna compliment some people

If we're mutuals like or reply to this with an emoji or something and I'll say something nice about you

If we're not mutuals, do the same thing and I'll (probably) follow you back

hypno, d/s kink 

Thinkin about a hypnotist, all tied up in ropes, using their skills to help their currently dominant partner who's struggling to get into a mindset where they can give the hypnotist the punishment they deserve

The trance starts out typical, but once the subject agrees that they're feeling ready to take on their dominant role again, not even the hollow sound of entranced affirmations can stop the hypnotist from feeling a little nervous.

The awakening subject picks up on quivers in the hypnotists tone, and before they've even been counted back up to 10, the subject has a sinister grin on their face, and stands up straighter than before, menacing their bound, submissive hypnotist

pred/prey, hypno kink, memory play 

A scene where the subject, upon waking from trance, realizes they remember flashes of things that haven't happened; being in the space they're in, having a conversation, feeling threatened and preyed on by their hypnotist, begging for mercy, submitting completely

As the scene proceeds the events of those flashes play out in front of them, until they realize that they're remembering the future of the scene. Panic sets in, and they can see their own submission getting closer and closer, any efforts to avoid it only bringing it into clearer focus.

Eventually, they realize that escape is impossible. For prey like them, submission is inevitable. They know without a doubt that it's going to happen, so why fight it?

Never mind that the memories were carefully planted by their hypnotist, who guides the conversation in the present to match. The subject doesn't need to know about that.

vore ish kink, food, nonsense 

Cinnamon bun-ny

hypno, tech kink 

I think you can kinda accomplish this in text with '[name]:', with the colon suggesting that there's clarification and instruction to follow, which you would normally imply with tone of voice

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hypno, tech kink 

Giving subjects a suggestion that when they hear their name (spoken clearly and intentionally) followed by a finger snap, all of their attention is pulled to the source for the duration of a single instruction, in the fashion of digital voice assistants

Whether or not the instruction is actually followed is optional; the fun part is to draw their entire focus onto the hypnotist, interrupting their consciousness, watching them instantly perk up and drop whatever they were doing for just a moment

hypno, tech kink goof 

AI stuck in a computer who starts counting you into trance at 10... 01... 00...


I don't know what Viera are like in XIV lorewise but I'm sticking with the XII style of 'filled with disdain and fully prepared to kill fascists'

petplay kink adjacent, animal tf 

Familiars wandering out with a list of ingredients to collect, seeking out plants and mushrooms in the forest with their keen animal senses, then tucking their ears under a hat as they wander into town to shop for the rest, before coming home to slip into their animal form and climb into their witch's lap for praise and cuddles

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petplay kink adjacent 

Big magic user / familiar vibes today 🤔

hypno, d/s kink, horny touching 

Subs presenting themselves for inspection 🤩

Chin up, arms at their sides, no clothes to get in the way, their most sensitive parts will be thumbed and cupped and probed

Nervous subs whimpering and shaking, trying their hardest not to run away, knowing fully well that even a flinch could make punishment necessary

Confident subs who are familiar with the process, moving subtly to make the inspection easier, smiling at their owner's approval

Blank subs who don't even get the chance to react, staring vacantly ahead, unaware and silent like the object they're being treated as

hypno kink education meta, grumpy sarcastic and low on context 

Gosh I wonder why decades of attempting to push a hierarchical teacher / student model as the primary method of education in hypnokink hasn't resonated with anyone except people who teach those classes and their friends

Perhaps establishing individuals as 'experts' within a community and relying on them to tell everyone how a deeply personal, often intimate activity works actually makes the problem worse

hypno kink meta vent 

I would really like to be able to actually enjoy this kink again sometime soon

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hypno kink and abuse mentions, birdsite 

Someone's DMing me right now about my post on abuse-justifying concepts that are baked into how people talk about hypno kink, in an attempt to get me to hypnotise them

hypno kink meta, abuse mention, long grumpy post about consent and stuff 

The idea that "hypnosis can't make anyone do things they don't want to do" is based on the obviously untrue ideas that:
- Wants are fixed, and never subject to outside influence
- People don't do things they don't want to for reasons external to themselves

"I don't want to do x" very rarely means "I will never do x under any circumstances." People can be exposed to situations where x seems like a good or fun idea, especially if they're already in a state where they're doing a bunch of good and fun things they definitely enjoy

Or with someone they've placed a certain degree of trust in already, like, I don't fucking know, a hypnotist

The basic fucking principle of hypnokink for subjects is doing what someone else tells them to do, obviously that's going to have an impact on their decision-making

If someone agrees to something during a session and later regrets it, it's not fine because they agreed to it. It means they didn't have the ability to make a clear decision in that session, something that comes up a lot in a kink that's specifically about altered mental states

For people engaging in good faith, it's not mandatory to negotiate everything in advance, or make sure subjects have a totally clear head before they make any decisions about a session, but when people don't do that they're taking on the risk of doing real harm.

It's perfectly reasonable for that risk to be acceptable, in cases where parties have a close relationship and know how to express and manage discomfort with each other. It's also often the case that people get into this kind of play, and nothing goes wrong, and that's fine too

But you cannot rely on a 'subconscious' or 'core values' or anything to prevent harm being done to someone, especially in a setting as vulnerable and intimate as a kink scene

(Which goes double for a kink where most of the point is not being able to think clearly, like, fuck)

And you especially cannot use those concepts as an excuse to blame subjects for actually wanting things that hurt them

If your response to someone telling you about a kink scene they were harmed in is "you should have said no" or "you actually wanted it", just fuck off

hypno kink meta, abuse mention 

"Hypnosis can't make anyone do things they don't want to do, so if a subject does anything they feel bad about in a session it's their fault" is like, entry level victim blaming, how do people not fuckin see that

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hypno kink meta, abuse mention 

Still waiting for the hypnokink community to develop even a basic understanding of how abuse works, I guess

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