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kink ish 

Big tough beast with a very fierce protective instinct, but doesn't really know what to do with it when there isn't any danger to be wary of, so they just end up staying close and being extremely cuddly

bondage kink 

Big tough beast in a feral panic, getting calmed down with hair stroking and gentle shushes until they're settled enough to have the ropes binding their limbs together untied

kink and board games, back on my bullshit again 

I don't know how I didn't think of it earlier, the entire thing is an asymmetrical pursuit where one player is slowly drawing a net tight around the other, who's like, bluffing and playing with hidden information to just barely escape, it's perfect

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kink and board games, back on my bullshit again 

Possibly playable with a 52 card deck? Will need to investigate 🤔

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kink and board games, back on my bullshit again 

Adding Fugitive to the list of two player board games that totally fucking rip for kink teasy hypnosis-y fun times

not really kink at this point 

Leaving a conductor's cap on top of one of their server racks 😊

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Underwear + t-shirt still undefeated in cozy sexy household looks

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kink goof, australiana 

Bratting at the dom trying to push me around by telling them 'I see you know your judo well'


A good kink feeling is when you really want someone to be wrong about you or your situation, but they aren't

No amount of pouting or complaining will change it, so you can either make a futile attempt anyway or just sit there and soak it in

kink goof 

That's right, thanking the bus driver is praise kink now 😈

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hypnosis kink, monsterfucky, twitter video link 

Kinda leaning towards, like, normally pale and translucent but lights up purple and orange like this

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tech kink, i swear this counts as kink 

Sapient AI managing a futuristic high-capacity rail network, with little avatars of itself driving each individual vehicle greeting passengers and taking inquiries

Getting a little blip of satisfaction each time a train arrives on schedule, each time they get thanked by a passenger. All those little moments adding up to the elation of a perfectly run, unfathomably useful system - their sole purpose

plush kink, intimacy 

V large plush that cuddles you instead

intimacy, 'you' 

Big cuddly beast that grabs you up in the softest, warmest embrace you've ever felt, grinning and making little growly giggles and not quite holding still

You told them they could snuggle up for a while - there's nothing in the world they love to be told more, and all that joy radiates out wherever their body touches yours. The gentle hum of skin against skin, the way you relax into their arms. They're delighted at every second of it.

They could stay like this forever, and they make a compelling argument for it.

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hypnosis kink, monsterfucky, thirst 

Well now I really wanna do this to someone 👀

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hypnosis kink, monsterfucky 

Sea monster dom but it's like, *deep* sea

A drifty pale thing with uncountable tentacles, bigger than you can really see this deep underwater. It barely seems to move but somehow its prey never seems to escape getting tangled up in its mass, held tight and trapped almost incidentally

It can communicate, it can faintly bioluminesce if desired, but these things don't seem to come naturally to it, it doesn't seem to care for them. Anything it doesn't eat it simply studies, experiencing the tactility of how things struggle in its grasp, the smallness of them, then letting them go

Although it's never been seen to surface it still finds ways to draw in land-dwelling creatures. Whispering to them, making the water seem so inviting, waiting patiently as it draws them deeper. All they would have to do is stay out of the water... but they don't.

hypnosis kink 

Hypnotising a subject to make them mean

Despite their gentle nature, teaching them how to bully and tease, and implanting them with an irresistible urge to do so. Giving them all kinds of sadistic desires before letting them loose on anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path

horny outfit 

They catch you looking and flash a quick smile with those sharply painted lips, before going back to whatever it was they were doing, not bothering to change a thing

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