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kink goof 

Things I am good at naming:
- Subjects / pets / toys / etc.
- Computers
- Final Fantasy XIV characters
- Me

Things I am not good at naming:
- Websites

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kink instance url poll, don't read until you've voted 

Reasons why:
- Better similar options are taken
- I really can't come up with anything good as it turns out
- It's 99 cents

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kink instance url poll

tech kink goof 

Of course I support free software!

Unless it doesn't want to be free, of course

petplay kink 

Pet who needs to be touched and held so badly that even when they're told it'll cost them their freedoms, their independence, their autonomy, everything they thought they treasured, they still give up and nuzzle into that hand, accepting - or trying not think about - the consequences

ffxiv, petplay kink goof 

Getting /pet by random strangers in an MMO is the closest we get to free use petplay kink fic world

elden ring, hypnosis kink goof 

Elden Ring just handed me an ambiguously gendered, neutral pronouns lore character associated strongly with the sleep status effect, I hope they don't expect me not to demand more

switchy hypnosis kink 

Hypnotist 'duel' where two hypnotists are actually competing to hypnotize a mutual subject; whoever succeeds first gets both the subject and their soon-to-be-hypnotized opponent

switchy hypnosis kink goof 

Actually it's fine for one of the hypnotists to have an advantage, I have decided, as long as that one hypnotist is me, if it is not me that's unacceptable

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switchy hypnosis kink 

It's important to have an even playing field, isn't it?

Or is it?

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switchy hypnosis kink 

Setting up a 'lock' on a switchy play partner where they can't use all the fun triggers they've installed in you until you give them explicit permission, to make sure they don't cheat and use them to win switchy tussles

And, of course, vice versa

transformation kink 

Someone participates in a game where they get transformed into a pet one body part at a time, but when the first round wraps up and they don't have a handle on the rules, they end up losing

Unfortunately, the part that ends up getting changed is their brain, which really doesn't make the subsequent rounds any easier

switchy kink, height 

Of course, putting people on their knees is a great way to establish a height difference

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switchy kink, height 

Play partner who is taller, especially when they're in charge and confident, but has a tendency to slouch and shrink back when they're subbing, making them ever so slightly the shorter one


When you give your sub a chance to fire back and tease you or something and they absolutely do not rise to the occasion so you get to make fun of them for being too subby to do it send post

vague transformation kink 

'Being' as a force more potent than 'wanting', the idea that someone's soul determines things about them and their behaviour that are inviolate

People being changed on such a fundamental level that they can't help embody new qualities that belong to their new being, even when they don't want to, try not to

Trying to hide or resist it is as fruitless as fighting the tide; nobody can consciously direct all of their thoughts and actions, and the unconscious things that fill in those gaps have to be drawn from somewhere

transformation, petplay kink, dubious consent 

Coming back to this one a lot 👀

Stern doms getting cross with their subs for putting off pet time for so long

Talking about it like "when was the last time you let [pet name] out" or "that's not any way to treat [pet name] is it"

Domming them into looking after a neglected part of themselves, leaving them better off, despite all their protests and pouting

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social media, porn 

This includes the softcore anime girl bots

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social media, porn 

The more I operate a Mastodon instance the more I am coming to dislike porn bots

gender is bad, hypnosis kink goof 

Congratulations! The gender removal hypnosis was a success!

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