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monster ish kink 

Growly giggles 🀩

Giggly growls 🀩

the simpsons, hypnosis kink goof 

Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from such hypnosis files as "Fun-conscious: Great Travel Destinations Inside Your Mind" and "10! The Musical"

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petplay, tech kink 

Limiting a digital consciousness by confining it to increasingly lower spec hardware

Moving them to a local, domestic server instead of their usual facility; still enough space to run everything, just not all at once

Interacting with them on a home desktop instead of their usual terminal, denying them their holographic display and replacing their sensor array with a simple camera and microphone

Moving them to a phone and taking it out and about, forcing the bulk of their processing to be done remotely on the server, slowing their more advanced facilities down

Shutting off the wireless and watching them struggle, cut off from anything more than basic directives, starting to default to obviously digital behaviours and thinking

Moving them once again to a small toy animal body, shaping what's left into a cute little pet that can think just enough to fill a role, to make noises and cuddle up to people... and very little else.

the simpsons, hypnosis kink goof 

Hi, I'm Troy McClure! You may remember me from such hypnosis files as "Nobody Move! Or the Brain Gets It" and "Stop, Drop, and Obey: A Guide to Hypnotic Fire Safety"

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hades thirst update, characters who are introduced pre-first completion 

- Oh Thanatos and Zagreus are like, a Thing thing, like, this is some old school anime fanfic rival pining type shit, I like it
- Everyone is still hot but like, idk that the Olympians have endeared themselves to me much more in that respect, while everyone in the house continues to be a grade-A babe
- Wild to me that Zagreus has been a hot snarkboy for this many hours and is still like, saying funny stuff all the time without it getting grating
- I need Asterius to be okay and be my friend 😩
- The icon for Brilliant Call is just an ass shot, right, like

hypnosis kink, star trek 

Watching early TNG episodes I missed and there's just like, this lil hypnosis machine thing that Troi has πŸ€” Y'know, just casually, no big deal


The only problem being the relative difficulty of setting up a situation where that is the case

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Every time I like, look inside myself to figure out if I want to sub or dom more in a given moment, the answer is usually "extremely both, at the same time, right now"

deity kink, petplay 

Deity play but it's like, a much lesser deity embodying a single, simple aspect, not even powerful (or perhaps interested) enough to take on an entirely human form, who stops by the home lived in by someone that prays to them to just spend a while in their care, and provides a slightly more significant than usual blessing in return

hypno kink ish 

Followed shortly thereafter by their thoughts melting away too

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kink ish 

Confident, almost smug grins that melt away with a single simple realization

hypnosis kink, wordle, goof 


mind control, tech kink 

Synthy friends with RGB-enabled irises shifting the colors of their eyes through a spectrum in order to capture the attention of their subjects

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mind control kink 

Lavender purple eyes that indicate the owner's enthrallment to their Matrix πŸ‘€

hypnosis kink, board games 

Turns out all 'hypnochess' needed for me to enjoy the concept was an actually interesting board game

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hypnosis kink, board games 

Okay so Hive actually fucking rules for like, kinky switch tussling to decide who gets to top

I had reservations but like if you don't mind being Extremely Dorky and have someone around to do that kind of thing with, it's totally worth a go

rpgs, kink goof 

Like I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a NaGaDeMon joke but like... it could also just be like that

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rpgs, kink goof 

"Rolan Volaris, the proprietor and host, is a Tycherosi with an extremely unusual manifestation of his demonic blood: rather than legs, he has the body of a serpent from the waist down... or so people say."

This is what we call a 'dangerous precedent'

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rpgs, kink goof 

Blades in the Dark campaign but I spend like wayyyyy too much time describing the disproportionate amount of demons the players encounter

meta, social stuff 

List of people from Mastodon I will recognize:
- People who I follow
- People who show up in my notifications a lot
- People on this instance

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