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"Can you pass a Turing test?"
"What are you, a cop?"

tech kink, is this anything 

Body writing but it's sketches and notes on internal schematics

transformation kink 

Slow burn tf victims making animal noises in their sleep

tf kink ish goof 

Oh my god...

vibrification real

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Rabbit folks 🤝 Synth folks
Being the same person, like, why are there so many bunnybots around, seriously, what's up with that

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vague tf kink 

The external perceptions others have of the self superceding and supplanting the internal perceptions of the self

petplay kink, gender removal, goof, noncommittal @ reader 

Why would you need gender when you could be my pretty pet instead

hypno kink 

Honestly now that I'm mostly working on cam, it's hard to put it aside

Like obviously I can, plenty of folks aren't gonna be comfy with that straight out of the gate, if ever

But what an amazing thing to get to see 👀 Wow

kink, pred / prey ish, goof 

(this is me but instead of teasing it's listening to them talk about their interests and also I am *never* ready for the last bit)

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kink, pred / prey ish 

Persistence predator dom

Doing nothing but teasing and provoking prospective subs over days, weeks and months

Just hinting at the possibility of dominating them, reminding them that it's there, making them wonder about what it would be like, making them want it

Until they finally give in

kink goof 

In the absence of a better name I have taken to calling this particular kink 'what if someone was confident and flirty, and then they weren't'

hypno kink goof, australiana 

Very glad none of my subjects are Australian at the moment, means I can say 'look at me' without it activating the part of their brain that detects Kath & Kim references

hypno, bondage kink 

Hypnotising a squirmy, touch-sensitive subject so they stop wriggling around and making it harder to tie them up

kink goof 

Princet and other regal kink titles, but in the sense that revolutionary forces have taken the palace

vague petplay kink 

The human shell begs to be cracked open, the pressure inside them more unbearable every second, but their keeper knows better than that. There's no need for coaxing, no need for roughness. No physical force or psychological pressure. Just a kind, gentle hand and a warm, soft lap. The pet will come out in its own time.

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vague petplay kink 

A human chrysalis, falling apart in someone's lap, and allowing a beautiful pet to emerge

ffxiv thirst goof 

I have one rule when healing as astrologian: Catboys Get Cards

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ffxiv shadowbringers


mild spoilers

reposting this because i noticed an error with the speech bubbles... orz

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