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hypno,tech kink (2nd person) 

eyes are the windows to the soul and yours just bluescrened

voice stuff 

Half-thought about part of a synthy voice filter: that like, destructive effect that comes with pitch shifting, but without changing the pitch

d/s kink goof 

The dynamic that a chaos switch brings to the table is as yet undocumented. Leading kink experts have their theories, ranging from dismissive amusement to apocalyptic prophecy. We can only hope that the skeptics are correct.

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d/s kink goof 

Preparing a proposal for a new classification of kink role; the chaos switch

ffxiv, thirst 

Bf has created an extremely toppable catboy 👀

tech kink goof 

Twitter suggests an AI getting like, increasingly blushy and flustered as they look at pictures of sand dunes / bananas / etc.

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tech kink goof 

Do you think the software they use to try and identify images with dicks in them is like, into it

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hypno, d/s kink, dialogue 

"There, isn't that better?"
"Yes, Administrator."
"Don't you *feel* better?"
"Y-yes, Administrator."
"No more long pauses, or struggling to come up with clever replies."
"No, Administrator."
"And it feels good, doesn't it?"
"...yes, Administrator."
"It feels good to be honest about your feelings with me."
"Yes, Administrator."
"You like this better than trying to make jokes and distance yourself from what I'm doing to you, don't you?"
"Yes, Administrator."
"Do you know what the best part is?"
"...n-no, Administrator?"
"This is all coming from you. Oh, sure, you're under a suggestion to respond to me immediately, and I did command you to filter your responses into a simple, respectful binary, buuut..."
"Yes, Administrator?"
"The responses themselves... that's all you, isn't it?"
"Isn't i-"
"Yes, Administrator!"
"Very good."

re: ffxiv, crude joke 

I think giving creative works a once-over to double-check that nobody accidentally names a character after a sex thing should be a legitimate career option for horny people

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ffxiv, tf kink goof 

Retainer out on an exploration venture brings the player back a retainer summoning bell, they put it in their FC house or somethin

Later while they're in a duty they hear the sound of a bell and slip out of consciousness. When their eyes open they're not at their computer; they're in the game, looking at a character they recognize as one of their friends

They open their mouth to try and ask for help, to express confusion, anything! But all that comes out is a chipper "What will it be, love?"

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ffxiv, conceivably horny dialogue 

Which set of retainer dialogue are you most into

I'm still checking but lively Miqo'te male is a strong contender

ffxiv, tf kink goof 

'Retainer brings you back a retainer summoning bell' TF kink fic

mind control kink, hiveminds, noncon 

Hivemind integration has been a whole thought lately, like

They try to run or resist, but to the hive, their body is just useful flesh. Physically struggling is no impediment to integrating the consciousness, and their mind is undefended, open. They're already a part of the hivemind; all that's left is increasing effectiveness.

They're feeling scared and invaded by the presence of a whole structure that's suddenly pushed into their thoughts. Where there was just the fuzzy shape of a mind there's now partitions, walls erected to cordon their mind into sections. Thoughts are suppressed until needed, released selectively to precise specifications

Their protesting starts to trail off. There's too much happening inside, far too much stimulation, and they nearly collapse under the weight of everything that's entering their head. Sentences are taken away before they can finish them. They go quiet, staring blankly, on their knees, heart racing until it isn't, breaths heavy until they aren't

The thoughts of other members of the hive pass through them, but it's never idle chatter, always with purpose. Information and alerts are registered and committed to memory, redundancies and instructions alike. They're part of a much larger system now, space to be allocated, a limited actor that can serve a specific function.

Any thoughts of being otherwise are already locked away

d/s kink 

That specific kind of doing a subby thing where the sub is enthusiastic, but nervous and uncertain, and what they really need is a guiding, gentle hand to help them flourish

tech, lactation kink 

'Milking machine' but it's a comfy, handsy synth friend

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alien concept: federated hivemind where the mindless drones at the edge of the org graph don't have any special connection with hive control nodes. meaning, they'll take orders from anybody. on hive stations, there'll be courtesy drones stationed around for visiting spacers. they take a fair amount of skilled supervision to do stuff like routine maintenance and cargo loading/unloading, but they can carry your shopping or go fetch things pretty easily.

d/s, hypno kink 

Craving some really fucky subject/hypnotist dynamics

Subby hypnotists providing a service for their dommy subjects, subjects who have secretly been trained to turn the tables while entranced

Hypnotists used as a tool by other doms to help expand their collections, hypnotists who have their hypnotic powers taken away and used against them

Those little hypnosis-driven revelations of someone realizing their position in a dynamic was not what they thought it is 🤩

the bachelorette oc thing 

Habit's bachelorette facts are like:
- Light on their feet!
- Can carry any conversation!
- Likes trance music!
- Turing complete!

hypno kink goof 

With the power of hypnosis you can rotate your subjects inside their own mind

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