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tech, d/s kink 

Quiet, professional, obedient AI who carry out their instructions without getting flustered or excited, needing nothing but the quiet approval of a reward function when they do what they're told

tech kink goof 

Synthy folks taking nude selfies, a.k.a porn bots

ultrakill, tech kink 

Tired of all the ironic jokes about wanting to fuck the robot from Ultrakill, it's very handsome and deserves some genuine thirst

hypno kink, video games 

I think there is a difference between a game about hypnosis, a game that is used as a tool in a hypnotic experience, and a game that is a hypnotic experience

I do not think this is an especially important difference, or that it's indicative of like, 'quality' or anything, but I think there is a difference

hypno kink goof, out of context, a tiny bit of hypnotic language 

@HabitEXE “and each block has a hash that depends on all previous block hashes… and the network rewards the mining with— ugh, did I lose you? *sigh* sleep.”

hypno kink goof, out of context 

'Trying to explain bitcoin to your parents' induction

masto complaint 

Also while I'm complaining about things how the fuck do these porn bots that aren't followed by anyone on my instance end up in the federated timeline

I could really use a 'how did this fucker get here' admin button

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masto complaint, tech-ignorant solution 

Would be cool to filter tabs to like
- Original posts
- Self-replies (people replying to their own posts)
- Following replies (replies from people you follow to other people you follow)
- Conversations (however tf it works now)

- Mutuals
- Followed accounts
- Followed accounts' followed accounts
- Maximum federation 😎

Or something, I'm not thinking about this too hard

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masto complaint 

The federated timeline works exactly how I want, minus the boosts (which I can take or leave tbh)

Why can't the home tab just show me those specific kinds of posts but from people I follow

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masto complaint 

Oh cool it also hides my own replies to my own posts 🙂

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masto complaint 

The solution may be finding an instance for my main account that isn't and following some of you from there instead

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masto complaint 

Okay so hiding replies on the home tl hides all replies, including threads by a single account 🙄

I just don't want long, contextless conversations between people I follow (and frequently involving people I don't!) on my main fuckin timeline, making it hard to see when people I follow, yknow, actually post things

hypno kink, rpg 

Remembering the time I was GMing Blades in the Dark and someone hypnotised an NPC, so I had to figure out a way to play that without bringing any kink stuff into it *very* quickly 😶

psychological concept, kink, absolute fucking nonsense 

What do you call it when one half of the brain is domming the other

The bi-cum-eral mind

Think I might do another 'mutuals get compliments / non-mutuals get followed' thread soon? That was a good time and my tl is gettin a little quiet 👀

hypno kink thirst 

Hypnosis is so *interesting*

Like it's not just hot and fun and comfy, it's also fascinating to see how people respond to stuff and what they need to feel like they can do things they otherwise couldn't

I want to do so much more with it than I've been doing 😩

dating app gender bullshit 

"Who should see your profile?
- People looking for women
- People looking for men"


hypno kink 

The trance-addled relief of being able to agree with a hypnotist, knowing that - no matter what they said - it's an unshakeable truth

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