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hypno kink goof 

I can't record hypno files because accent shenanigans mean that whether I pronounce 'you're' as 'yaw' or 'yer' is totally random

evil genius, mind control, tech kink 

Whenever you brainwash someone in Evil Genius your AI assistant says a variation on something like "Brainwashing complete. You've acquired another mindless lackey." and I'm just 😳

evil genius 2, kink goof 

Whew! I haven't been *this* worried about heat since my catboy bf was-

d/s kink 

Subs attempting to confront or retaliate against someone dommy and immediately being shut down 🀩

tech kink goof, caps 

Building a robot body so you can FUCK

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tech kink goof 

Building a robot body because smooching the boxy computer case was getting a lil awkward

evil genius 2, tech, cape kink, intimacy 

I mean why wouldn't you seat your loyal, obedient AI at your side where they belong, somewhere private where they can keep you company as you relax, away from all the pressures of being a supervillain, where they can safeguard your most intimate secrets and confessions and comfort you and maybe smooch a little and

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evil genius 2 

One of the decor items you can build for free is the IRIS mainframe, the computer that your AI assistant is running from (her name is IRIS)

I don't see why you'd put it anywhere other than where I did tho, if it's not next to the big villain chair in the private villain room how are they supposed to date?

hypno kink education idea, poll 

Slapping a big 'theoretically' on this one, but

*Theoretically* if I were to ask for submissions to a free collection of educational testimonials, describing;
- how you handle hypnotizing others
- how you experience hypnosis as a subject
Would you submit something?

oc nonsense, undertale 

Habit in Mettaton cosplay πŸ‘€

gender in kink goof 

Buying one of those height checkers they have next to rollercoasters but it says "you must understand gender at least *this* well to interact with me in kink spaces"

hypno kink education, negative, slight venty 

Given how long it's been since I've actually meaningfully interacted with hypno kink maybe I'm not the best person to be tackling this right now πŸ˜’

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hypno kink education, negative 

Okay, well, maybe 'main' isn't the problem so much as 'only one with any real effort behind it', if it was just the most popular I could at least mind my business

Anyway it's nbd, if I want it to change I gotta fix it myself 😀

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hypno kink education, negative 

Not sure I'm ready to piss everyone on twitter off by venting about how classes being the main vector for education in the hypnosis community is bullshit

hypno kink education idea 

I hear this is sort of thing is what folks call a 'zine' πŸ€”

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hypno kink education idea, long 

I was talkin about my hypno guide idea with some folks and the point was raised that maybe the "ideal" hypno resource is exposing people to like, a diverse set of opinions and approaches

Maybe a collection of like, different hypnotists writing 'here's what I'm going for when I do an induction', or subjects writing 'here's what trance / suggestion / etc. feels like for me'

Sorta like a sample platter for beginners to like, see if they vibe with anything in particular as a general Thing To Feel

Not so much an instruction booklet as a catalogue, I guess πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Avoiding the idea that there is one correct way to do hypnosis, avoiding exclusive exposure to a single way to do hypnosis purely because that what happens to be available and digestible, etc.

Would be quite a project, but I could see it workin out

evil genius 2 slight spoiler, mind control kink goof 

I vaguely hoped Zalika's thing was gonna be some kind of mind control, but I will settle for Third Impact

hypno kink meta, poll 

I've been kind of bemoaning the lack of easily shareable resources around hypno kink lately, like, even the most basic parts of getting it going and like a lot of this stuff my usual solution is to do it myself

Trouble is I'm definitely not as experienced as plenty of people I know, like, even though I feel like I can explain stuff okay I don't know how my takes compare to other peoples

So I'm kinda wondering if any of you would be willing to read a basic lil hypno guide and see if it scans, and doesn't seem like, wrong compared to your experiences

evil genius 2, thirst 

She's got a lil floaty robot that she blows kisses at 😍

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tf kink goof 

I've decided that the only reasonable explanation for the multi-storey intense gamer esports bar near where I live is that it's actually a gamer tf facility;

- Dark but loud atmosphere with lots of screens to draw the eyes and get the victim all suggestible and compliant
- Their own brand of beer that they sell themselves, clearly a vector for the tf juice
- A big esports stage for if they get the pro gamer strain, or "streamer pods" for exhibitionists

Literally talking to my bf about it like 'I don't think I'll like it much but we should still go check it out' like that isn't tf fic dialogue I've read a thousand times

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