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weaponsona, d/s, hypno kink 

What if that thing where someone's head is gently tipped back with the tip of a sword, but the sword is actually also them, and they're all dazed and hypnotized πŸ‘€

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weaponsona, hypno kink 

Relatedly remembering my Utena-ish weaponsona-as-hypno kink thing where people pull someone's soul or whatever out of their body to use as a stylized, personalized weapon, and whoever wields that weapon controls their mindless trancy body 🀩

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hypno, d/s kink 

Considering a call and response obedience trigger that's like

"Your owner commands."
"Your pet obeys."

Swapping out owner and pet for whatever title is most appropriate


Trick question, I already have a weaponsona, but I would love to know what people think πŸ‘€

hypno kink vent 

Aussie hypnokink Discord #1: Just, like, outright refusing to kick out racists, and incredibly hetero

Aussie hypnokink Discord #2: Send us a picture of your actual photo ID and face over fucking Discord

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hypno kink vent 

Honestly Australian hypnokink is in a really bad spot, like

Maybe the thing to do is meet local kinky folks and just like, hope that I can find people who are into it

Or are willing to try, at least πŸ€”

oc nonsense 

I figure if Habit is gonna have, like, a hologram body or w/ever it can be like

Short range, light only, so they are generally going to stay around the desk their interface terminal is on

Which means they're usually perched on the desk, legs dangling over the edge, looking down at their visitors

d/s, hypno, tech kink, sex, @ reader 

AI hypnotist borrows your blank, tranced body to assemble the fucking machine that they'll control *directly* for the evening's activities

Don't worry, they'll make sure you're awake and alert when they put it in. They'd never deny you the rewards of obedience. After that, though... it's really up to them, isn't it?

queer dating site, transphobia 

Just found out about Butterfly, a dating site for trans people that automatically edits messages containing transphobic slurs πŸ€”

Like I appreciate the idea of not subjecting trans people to that kinda language but like, I kinda want to know if someone I'm considering dating is gonna turn around and call me a slur as soon as they aren't texting me

subtoot meta 

Honestly, if anyone has ever subtooted me I am not aware of it πŸ€”

If something's not explicitly about / directed at me I'm usually not even gonna consider the possibility that it is

electrostim, d/s kink goof 

I mean depending on whether or not you classify subs as an instrument, it arguably could be πŸ€”

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electrostim kink goof 

Turning to my music friend at a party when the song changes, pointing vaguely upwards and asking "Hey is this electrostim?"

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electrostim kink goof 

Electrostim sounds like a music genre I would need explained to me a couple of times before I could pick it out

twitter link, tech, d/s kink 

AI assistant taking instructions in order to co-dom / middle / whatever and play with a sub is like, my exact thing, but uh

Not like this

(Video is actual kink play (whatever the electric zappy kink is called) cropped to where you can't see anything graphic)

heaven's vault, tech, d/s kink adjacent goof 

This game kinda rules

Separately from that, you have a robot who follows you around and calls you 'mistress' all the time

"But why" you might ask "is that not a part of the game that rules"

Because the robot in question is a bastard and I hate it

hypno kink goof 

More like hyp-ocrits

Or maybe it's hypnocrits πŸ€”

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hypno kink goof 

Question for hypnotists: if going into trance is so cool why aren't you doing it then, huh?

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hypno kink, trancey dialogue example 

Sorta like

Hypnotist: "Going into trance is good, isn't it?"
Subject: "Yeah... it is?"
H: "Yes, sweetie. It's very good.
S: "It's good?"
H: "Yes, it is."
S: "Going into trance is good?"
H: "Yeah..."

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hypno kink 

Considering the possibility of flipping a yes set back around on the hypnotist πŸ€”

I mean, they're usually cooing so many affirmations themselves, surely it wouldn't be too difficult for a subject to slip in a question of their own and start prying that existing dynamic apart

oc nonsense 

Movie night at the artificial intelligence's underground storage facility

After the last one they were forced to implement a hard limit of *one* showing of The Matrix

They do a great Hugo Weaving impression, though πŸ€”

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