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hypno, tech kink, out of context 

Chicken soup for the soul vs. cable management for the brain

tech kink 

Robot person who spins their fans up really loud when they're stressed, and quiets them back down again when they get cuddles and affection

tech kink goof 

*flirty voice* "Administrative privileges"

drone kink, self critical goof 

Just gonna go ahead and add this to the pile of things I will start writing and leave unfinished and unreleased nice and early

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drone kink, pol adjacent 

Ex-drone commune exploring individuality and figuring out how to function inside a hell future cyber capitalist dystopia while struggling with feelings and the experience of being severed from a collective mind 😍

ffxiv heavensward, drone kink adjacent 

"He is the stickpeddler. He peddles sticks."

I love you

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drone kink 

Good: Drones
Better: Ex-drones
Best: Ex-drones living communally anyway

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ffxiv heavensward, drone kink adjacent 

Big fans of the Vath, lovin these funky little former hivemind ex-drone bugs

tech kink goof 

"Computers are naughty" has a different ring to it

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tech kink goof 

"Computers are bad"

...and need to be punished? 🥺

hypno, d/s kink, dialogue 

"There, isn't that better?"
"Yes, Administrator."
"Don't you *feel* better?"
"Y-yes, Administrator."
"No more long pauses, or struggling to come up with clever replies."
"No, Administrator."
"And it feels good, doesn't it?"
"...yes, Administrator."
"It feels good to be honest about your feelings with me."
"Yes, Administrator."
"You like this better than trying to make jokes and distance yourself from what I'm doing to you, don't you?"
"Yes, Administrator."
"Do you know what the best part is?"
"...n-no, Administrator?"
"This is all coming from you. Oh, sure, you're under a suggestion to respond to me immediately, and I did command you to filter your responses into a simple, respectful binary, buuut..."
"Yes, Administrator?"
"The responses themselves... that's all you, isn't it?"
"Isn't i-"
"Yes, Administrator!"
"Very good."

hypno, petplay, d/s kink, kinda goof 

I thought it would be really funny to balance a treat on the subject's lips while their head is tilted back and tell them to hold it there until they're told otherwise, but then I figured it'd also be kinda hot, sooo

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hypno, petplay, d/s kink 

Pet treat hypnosis!

Pick a type of candy, and give the subject a suggestion that whenever they see a piece of it, their desire to have it will be so strong that they'll lock up into totally obedient stillness, watching intently, ready to do whatever they need to do to get it. Feeding it to them gives them a little burst of subby hypnotic warmth, followed by snapping out of that obedience and back to their normal state of mind (assuming, of course, they can avoid actually getting trained 🤔).

hypno, petplay, d/s kink, horny 

Thinkin about like

Someone hypnotising the person who's normally their hypnotist into being a cute kitty pet, but they forget:

- Cats can be mischievous and easily bored
- 'Kitty' happens to know their hypnotists petplay triggers

Soon, kitty has a bunny friend to play with, prey on and boss around. The bunny, for their part, is worried that things might be getting a little out of hand, without any real people around to keep an eye on them, but there are more... pressing concerns

queer hypno kink discord, very sappy personal stuff 

Idk, I don't have words for this, but

I think building spaces for groups of people to like, exist and do stuff and be themselves and have a good time in is something I really like doing, and I feel like the queer hypno Discord is probably the best I've ever done with that, and idk

It feels good to have helped with that, not in an 'I did this' way but in a 'I worked on this' way

I know it's just a Discord but I'm glad I've put as much effort into it as I have

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queer hypno kink discord, sappy personal stuff 

I realized I first made the server like 2 years 9 months ago and idk

I'm just like, really proud of it as a space and community, it hasn't been super active the entire time but it's very much the kind of place I wish I'd had access to early on in my time doing hypno stuff

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queer hypno kink discord promo 

Promoting the Queer Hypnosis Discord again! It's a server I admin that provides a relaxed, informative space to enjoy, discuss and share hypnosis as a kink.

We try to handle things differently from other online hypnosis spaces;
- Structural problems or changes are discussed openly and publicly with the community.
- Kink play is discussed with consent and safety in mind.
- No stifling gender / kink role assignment; exploration and expression are encouraged.
- We've got conversation-starting matchmaking channels, for people looking to meet new play partners.

Everyone's welcome to join, whether they wanna get involved or just lurk.​

hypno kink, exhibitionism, online spaces 

Describing it properly would take a lot more typing but basically:

- All public play needs to be scheduled some amount of time in advance; there is only one 'stage'
- Scheduling has to include the availability (not necessarily the attendance) of a mod
- Descriptions of each scene are viewed before spectators can see them; deviating from that description is reportable
- Folks running the scene have full control over the extent to which spectators can talk
- Spectators trying to involve themselves in a scene (including going into trance from things that aren't directed at them) without consent from all parties is reportable
- Some method of addressing the whole 'hypnotist 'claims' a bunch of subs and publicly indulges in that dynamic to an extent that stifles everyone else's play' thing that has plagued every online hypno kink space since the beginning of time

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hypno kink, exhibitionism, online spaces 

Been idly wondering what an open online space built for public hypnosis play would need to look like for me to be comfortable using it, and I'm kind of suspecting that my take on something like that is something people into public play would find boring 🤔

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