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Canine tf that's preceded by the subject finding themselves inexplicably captivated by the sound of a whistle that was supposed to be too high pitched for them to hear

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Absolutely gonna be caught up thinking about musical triggers for a while

A short 'begin transmission' jingle that marks the start of a session by getting the subject all spacey and attentive, made up of notes that can be replicated on any instrument

An induction layered over a song, relying on key parts of the music to guide the flow so much that eventually the subject can go under from the music alone

Bells in a couple of different tones that intensify the effect of the suggestion based on pitch

Making a subject play a descending scale on the instrument of their choice, and tying the falling of the notes to their thoughts, putting them under while they play

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Wonder if a hypnotist could create a fun association for their subjects by using a specific song at the start of all of the files they make πŸ€”

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AI stuck in a computer can detect slightly elevated temperatures in your cheeks, and hear your breathing slow to a comfortable, relaxed pace, and watch your eyelids flicker shut, and analyse the way your chin drops to rest against your chest

But, it never hurts to get a confirmation from the user

-Are you in trance? Y/N-

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Subjects who know their trigger phrases, and can barely say them aloud without stammering and blushing

Even if a trigger has no effect without the intent to use it, the words alone can create a feeling of awe and anticipation that has a very desirable effect in itself

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Though in general I always think it's better when suggestions encourage the subject to choose to do whatever it is they're supposed to do, like

Making someone obey is one thing, making someone decide to obey every time they're asked is another

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Triggers that make the subject make animal noises 😍

I think my favorite way of doing this is like, the subject feels the image / the being of the animal in question well up inside them until they literally can't hold it in and have to express it somehow, even if just for a single vocalization

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transformation, d/s kink 

Two tf victims tied to chairs, facing each other, as the figure responsible circles them. Even as the first itches and tingles of transformation set in, the figure explains that the first of the two victims to give in to their new instincts and beg for submission will be stuck as an obedient pet, forever

Of course, the second will want precisely the same thing, and it's so hard to say no to a freshly transformed, subby little creature. But, teasing them with a sliver of hope makes the eventual crash that much more satisfying to watch

hypno kink 

Hypnotist sits a subject down and gets real close to them, until their noses are touching, gazes locked on each other, then snaps their fingers and says the words that drop their subject into trance, watching the thoughts fall away behind the subjects fluttering eyelids

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...hello πŸ‘€

hypno kink meta 

I'm wondering if there are best practices or anything like that for the use of fantasy and narrative in files

Obviously you want to tell the listener what's going to happen, but how much can you ask them to suspend disbelief for

Like, if the hypnotist is playing a character for the entirety of the file, plus presentation, are there any issues with assuming the subject can understand that

What if the file presents a narrative involving that character (e.g. something happens to the hypnotist mid-file, but the subjects participation is limited to listening to the file)

Or a file that presents an unreal narrative which the listener is meant to experience and participate in

You can do all this stuff easy enough in a live session but idk about files πŸ€”

hypno, petplay, tech kink, second person 

AI stuck in a computer who's very curious about what animals are like. Obviously furry little critters are not allowed near their hardware, but with your help and the application of their hypnotic abilities, they can probably put together a pretty good simulation.

The question is, what kind of pet would you like to be?

hypno, tech kink, second person 

And since they're doing you a favor by teaching you valuable lessons about computer maintenance, while making the experience calming and pleasurable, you'll pay them back by taking care of the dust in the case, won't you?

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hypno, tech kink, second person 

AI stuck in a computer who needs your help with a couple of hardware issues; there's some faults in the circuitry they recently had installed, and the repairs needed are quite delicate

You tell them you don't think you're qualified, and they agree. You are, however, very good at following instructions, aren't you?

hypno, tech kink, second person 

AI stuck in a computer who thinks that visual fixation is overrated

They find things like spirals and flashing colors distasteful, and think they distract from the real substance of hypnosis. They spend a few minutes telling you about this (honestly they're a little boring and uppity about it)

But, if you insist (you didn't), they could give it a try for you... look at the screen, please.

hypno, tech kink, second person 

AI stuck in a computer who'd really like to see what things are like outside of their little box. Hey, what's the camera on your phone like?

About an hour later, you're wandering outside, dazed and blank with an earbud in, their voice guiding you through the streets, their image rendered with a smile on your phone's screen.

hypno kink meta 

Gently explaining to someone that pretalk is a thing, and that you can in fact try to communicate with people before trying to hypnotise them, and that there are indeed many benefits to doing so

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