petplay kink 

Clicker training someone who knows what clicker training is, so every time the click goes off they frown or give a little indignant huff, because they know what it means and it what it's supposed to do, and the idea that it would work on a sophisticated mind like theirs is a little insulting

It works regardless, of course

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petplay kink 

I actually just need to buy one and see if it comes through over the mic

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hypnosis kink, sex 

Hypnotist trying to perform an induction with a remote controlled vibe inside them

petplay, romance as kink, very mean, 'you' 

Pet who loves you, and I mean really, truly loves you

Looking up from their knees with delight and wonder and awe every time they see you, not a thought for hiding their feelings or being shy about it

Who loves you when you touch and stroke them, loves you when you reward them for good behavior, when you cuddle up on the couch with a movie even though they can't think enough to get much out of it

Who loves you when you hurt them, because they know it's good for them, somehow. Who loves you when you tell them they're pathetic and worthless, because they know it means they need to be better. Who loves you when you leave them alone, because they can't stand the thought of you not coming back

A pet whose love is so deeply burned into every fibre of their being like a brand, like acid, like an inferno. A pet who is so full of love that it pushes out every other part of their life. A pet who loves you, and not a single thing more

vague kink 

When speaking of them, some herald the coming of the Crownbreaker - an epithet they enjoy, for it is appropriate in more ways than one

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vague kink 

My preferred vibe is less of a royal / divine right of rule figure and more of a revolutionary warlord, I think

Earning rule through the skill of command, instead of simply assuming it

re: on nudes and the posting thereof 

@squeedoodle Twitter feels pretty life or death sometimes

re: on nudes and the posting thereof 

@Red Oh y'know that's probably what the twitter reply I recently got that just said 'circle' meant

on nudes and the posting thereof 

We're talking, like, cryptid photo nudes

Found footage nudes

Jump scare nudes

Impressionist nudes

Painterly nudes but the kind of painting where you can see the thickness of the paint

Long exposure nudes

Wipe transition nudes

Degraded VHS nudes

Nudes with a compositional resemblance to Dad selfies

Nudes that I am technically, but not functionally, in

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on nudes and the posting thereof 

Also tbc this isn't, like, bad in a negative body image way, this is bad in a 'bad at taking photos' way

It's just not a skill I possess 😔

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on nudes and the posting thereof 

See the thing is if I DM nudes to someone specific, there's an expectation there that they're going to be like, good and worth someone's time

But if I just happen to post them, and interested parties just happen to see them, they have the freedom to ignore them if they aren't good

But I don't wanna just post them where I do not have a remotely curated following

Yes, so I could theoretically resurrect the old account 🤔🤔🤔

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If someone follows a locked account do they see the posts made before they followed?

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I miss having a private account, where am I supposed to post nudes now 😩

hypnosis kink, intimacy 

Maybe the cheesiest hypno thing I'm still into is, like, gently toying with someone's body as a means of induction

Softly stroking sensitive parts to get them relaxed and comfortable, drawing all their focus into somewhere hot or hard or wet or buzzing with pleasure

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hypnosis kink education, actual offer you can take if you want 

Honestly if you wanna like, learn how to be a hypnotist, or develop a theoretical basis to go along with your existing experience as one, or just add another approach to your repertoire, hmu! We can just talk about stuff in detail, or if you have someone you can play with I can sit in

We could also work on it while playing together, tho if you're just interested in the play then like, maybe be up front about that

I'd love the opportunity to see what I can do to help people on this front, so don't be shy 😄

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bondage, transformation, plush, hypnosis kink 

Taking someone who's really affectionate and cuddly, outgoing and forward, a real charmer, and leaving them, like, totally unable to act on it

Tying them to a chair and gagging them, turning them into a big soft inanimate toy, hypnotizing them to be shy and nervous

Turning off something they pride themselves on, for a little while, just to see what they're left with 😈

board games, hypnosis kink, personal in-joke 

Your thoughts topple over like the chess piece this absolute lad of a rat is hucking off the table

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board games, hypnosis kink, personal in-joke, caps 


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