hypno kink goof 

Me: Oh, woe is me, it's been so long since I've been hypnotised, how am I to overcome these subby feelings, I yearn for trance
Subjects: Hey do you want to hypno-
Me: Yes 😈😈😈

hypno, tech kink 

Give your subs a d20 and a 5% chance to swap out their programmed responses to triggers with joke versions

@lavender πŸ˜„ I assume there is context for this I have forgotten about but thankyou, I will continue to give everyone no particular reason to thank me

kink, profile play 

Getting subs to mark their profile with an emoji, subtly indicating to those who know what it means that someone special has taken ownership of them

corruption, hypno kink 

Hypnotist who starts letting their abilities get to their head

Sure, if you ask them they'll tell you that it isn't mind control. They're just giving people a context where they can live out fantasies, free from shame or reservations. But, when those people are so willing to give things up to do that, and the hypnotist knows just how to ask...

Really, how many devoted mindless pets is too many, anyway?

hypno kink joke 

@synthgal Well, you can always wipe it and start over.

hypno kink 

Subjects who are like, projects

Canvases that their hypnotists keep coming back to, layering trigger and suggestion and structure on top of each other to create their version of that subject, shaped to perfection

bad consent practices 

How soon we forget about 'entry is consent' IRC channels

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silly predator / prey kink idea 

This one's labeled silly for a reason folks, there are several immediate and glaring problems with the idea, please do not actually do this

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silly predator / prey kink idea 

Online chatroom / Discord / etc. where folks of the same sort of subby persuasion hang out (e.g. a server for bunny folks or drones) being treated like a hunting ground

transformation kink 

TF via peer pressure

Compliments on the tail they can't feel, snide comments about how unbecoming their personhood is, gentle group encouragement towards submissive behaviors

I mean, if everyone's saying they're a pet, there has to be some truth to the matter right?

capekink, video games goof 

Not going for supervillain vibes so much as, like, Dark Souls boss

tech kink 

Size difference but like in bytes

tech kink 

Current vibe: Machine maintaining other, lesser machines

tech, bondage kink goof 

When you think about it anti-static bracelets are really just a kind of predicament bondage

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horny goof 

@HabitEXE customer service from the bottom of the heart

out of context, kink goof 

Name kink - for when name is kink

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horny goof 

My bf's new job has him working in something called the 'Customer Delight Squad' and every time he mentions it I make the same joke

Oh 😏 I bet you'll be delighting many customers 😏 no doubt about that 😏 the perfect role 😏 for someone like you

out of context, kink goof, simpsons 

"I want the sluttiest name you have

No that's too slutty"

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