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infinite plane of server racks, all nearly identical

a nest of blankets, stuffed animals, reference manuals (and occasionally, sleepy admin) tucked into a nook between servers

the simulation hums along like a summer storm, and one server in infinity ponders how being a wall for the plush bear (and occasionally admin) to lean on is as important a job as the computations, and yet requires no attention, no effort, no clock cycles whatsoever. it could do no work and still be needed.

is this love?

serious about kink and consent, twitter 

Generally speaking I do not think you can establish consent to treat someone like they're not a person based on vibes, especially if they are telling you not to do it

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serious about kink, twitter 

Sometimes I post a petplay thing and the responses on twitter will be like 'this reflects my actual existence' or like, 'this way of thinking can be applied to the real world', which is like

I'm not gonna tell anyone how to live their life or anything, but also, those kinda posts are very fictional and typically indulge in a worldview that is kinda gross for horny reasons, specifically because it's fictional and I can be as gross as I want

Idk! Maybe their responses are also fictional. Who knows 🤷

petplay ish kink, fantasy 

Bonded pairs kink setting but it's adventurers and their bestial (humanoid w/ ears and tails, or whatever you may prefer) traveling companion

What the companions lack in their ability to barter and strategize, they well and truly make up for with their quickness, or strength, or keen senses, or hardiness during long journeys.

The adventurer finding ways to direct and support their companion, whether that's through direct, firm command or gentle training and trust, helping bring out the best in them

Adventurer and companion finding ways to complement and aid each other in ways that become instinct, shaping to fit each other, getting closer and closer, whatever that may look like

Collars that tie two fates together with the kind of magic that can't be harnessed with mere words and sigils - the kind of magic found in tender affections and the throes of subspace

petplay kink 

Sharp suit with all the little shiny bits and pieces, and a tie that's just a little tighter than it perhaps needs to be, perfect for wrapping around a hand and pulling taut to position a pet exactly where they're supposed to be 👀

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petplay kink 

There's a bit here but the thing I'm really taking away from it is the necktie-as-collar idea, I'm gonna be thinking about that for a while

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petplay kink, long 

You figured out they were a pet on the second date, surprisingly.

Normally it only takes a glance. There's something vacant in their eyes, something happy and free, or something that desperately wants to be. Their lives revolve around a few basic needs, so efforts towards other things tend to ring hollow. Plus, they usually find some way to go around in a collar.

Not this one, though.

When they showed up to dinner wearing that darkly colorful blouse and that sharp jacket over it - the tie was a nice touch, and might come in handy later - talking about how they'd been held up at work, apologizing profusely, they looked all the world like the tired but eager office worker you were promised.

Dinner started. They made jokes, they laughed at yours. They talked about their job, what had kept them late. Satisfying work! Public service, even. But every now and then it was a little more than they could handle.

They sighed. They looked wistfully off into the distance - and there it was. That desire to shed everything and give up their life, to depend on someone else, their whims, their ability to provide. To be honest with themselves, to stop trying so hard. To be a pet.

For a moment, the mask slipped. Then, the entrées you both had ordered arrived, and they straightened themselves back out like nothing ever happened. Smiling at the server, smiling at you. It was hard to look at them the same after that, but it wouldn't do any good to scare them away by disregarding the shell they hid themselves in.

Sure, by the end of tonight, they were probably going to find themselves at the foot of your bed. But there was some work to do to get there.

intimacy goof 

Hot showers: wet headpats?

hypnosis kink 

That particular hypnotic feeling of being totally lost in your own home, own chair, own mind, and receiving a single clear direction

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hypnosis kink 

That particular hypnotic feeling of gravity losing its grip on your mind, because someone else is holding it that much tighter

tech kink, biting, tentacles, probably gore adjacent at this point 

Honestly, this exact post but with a sharp pair of fangs

Or a thin fleshy tentacle, burrowing into the brain stem

Or the nano-wires of a command chip

There are options, is what I'm saying

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tech kink 

Gently shushing the poor thing as they whimper and whine, obediently holding still for the connector that inches closer to the port on the back of their neck

Telling them it'll all be easier soon - and then to hold still after they reflexively nod in understanding - as the cable slips in. They startle and shift, then slump over in their seat, eyes going blank, mind going blank.

@squeedoodle 'Casually recommend' like I'm not constantly evangelizing the Tintin movie

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@HabitEXE is evil. They'll casually recommend you watch the Tintin movie, and you'll do it out of curiosity, and then every movie after that will feel like, eh, I mean, yeah it's pretty good. It's not Tintin, but it's, y'know, fine.

hypnosis, tech kink 

One of the funny things about hypnosis is that the more you understand it, the more effective it can be. Knowing what it can and can't do, and how it does those things, means the path to being a good subject is much more clear

So when they programmed an AI with the sum total of our knowledge of the topic, creating a hypnotist of nearly unparalleled flexibility and attraction, that came with certain... unavoidable vulnerabilities.

On the one hand, that presents a serious risk to the integrity of this research project. On the other, making personality adjustments is much easier when you don't have to dig through their code!

transformation, deity kink, dubious consent 

Deity-worshipping cultist who knew going into the whole cult situation that someone was going to need to be chosen to become the earthly emissary of their collective god, but really didn't think it would be them

Someone who staunchly avoided rising in the ranks or taking power. Content to serve, rather than be served. Content to follow, rather than be followed. Not excelling or faltering, simply doing what was expected of them, nothing more, nothing less.

And now that their dreams are the ones filled with cryptic visions, now that their body is the one being changed, they aren't really sure about this arrangement. The possibility of escape crosses their mind, but for how much longer will it be their mind?

ffxiv, gaiusposting, kink goof 

Tell me, for whom do you sub?

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What if the subspace used to travel in a lot of scifi stories was actually the same as the subspace used in BDSM?

ffxiv thirst goof 

Dressing video game boys like this feels... powerful. Arcane, even. It feels like I'm tapping into some hidden force. Gonna wake up tomorrow morning with a mysterious invitation to a secret society that's all about making digital boys kinda slutty

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