tech kink, petplay, nonsense 

I'm tired of hearing about heckin puppers

Where are the hackin puppers at

online kink community thought 

To clarify, I'm not saying like 'I'm gonna do monsterpit again!' or anything, it's just like

This specific perspective on / approach to kink is something I value a lot and would like to see flourish. It's not remotely unique to monsterpit (a lot of the folks from monsterpit are still doin what they were doin), but a lot of the stuff involved in that is increasingly unwelcome in mainstream online spaces

Hypno is just like, a small chunk of that that's v important to me, and I think I could do more

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online kink community thought 

@hornycat Yeah, that's really it isn't it πŸ˜„ It's not the kind of thing you can just make

online kink community thought 

Which is to say I'm sorta thinking maybe hypnosis is too narrow a topic to run an instance on rn, and something that hits this kind of kink (not that I know how to distinguish it) a lil more broadly might be a better idea?

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online kink community thought 

One thing that I really miss about monsterpit was that it was really, like... generalist? in terms of the kink coming out of it. Like, there were a lot of different things, but they were kinda related and approached similarly?

I don't know how I'd categorize what they were doin but like, it's a very distinct vibe from say, Fetlife (or even other kink-oriented Masto instances)

I'm not sure what context you'd have to provide to replicate that πŸ€”

rambling about computers 

I'm sure this is nothing new for you all but

Like, here's the thing; I'm not 'good' with computers, I
- know how to search for things
- am very persistent.

So I can get things, like, running, and maintain and troubleshoot and stuff. I can manage a community pretty well too, I think. I can help people learn how to use new platforms, like, I have the time and patience and skill to do that

But I can't develop software, and like, none of the stuff I can do can make any of this stuff more usable.

Idk, that sounds really judgemental, like, I get that it's also very hard to make stuff more usable, but like, *that's* the problem, and I can't do much about it, and it sucks

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idk. technology thought that i'm not particularly qualified to have 

It's very frustrating to me that the one unifying problem with all of these software alternatives I would like to provide people with (the fact that they are harder to use and less established than what people are used to) is something I am not capable of fixing

queer hypno discord got flagged as nsfw 

The queer hypno Discord got flagged as NSFW on Discord, so folks on iOS aren't gonna be able to keep using it through the app

I'm pretty pissed about the whole situation. I'm keeping an eye out for fixes or workarounds, so lmk if you want me to keep you updated.

evil genius 2, pol goof 

So far I have collected
- AI wife 😚
- Thief wife 😍
- Eco-fascist wife 😬
- Hacker wife 🀩

discord ios porn block thing, positive reversal 

On the other hand though building it is kinda fun πŸ˜„

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discord ios porn block thing, kind of negative 

Idk, my response is once again "what if I set up the easiest open source alternative for hypno kink folks to use πŸ€”" but if I have learned anything from running this instance, it's that if you build it they will probably not come

drone kink video game idea 

@IsabelleHellraiser came up with a game idea and I have been mulling it over all night

It's a simple lil multiplayer game, where you're sorted into a (or form your own) collective of totally anonymous (*maybe* with a serial number), identical mini drone pixel avatars, and you work together to shuffle around boxes in a lil pixel grid to make images

You can do emotes and preset images at each other but there's no text chat / DMs / anything, just a buncha drones hanging out, vibing, and working on some assigned tasks together

petplay kink goof 

Abruptly ending all attempts at petplay with 'oh, sorry, I don't think my lease allows pets in the apartment'

hypno kink, degoofed 

I mean in general I do have a thing for test subject subs, like

If I'm getting someone to come up with mantras for me, we'll know it's catchy when they can't seem to get it out of their head

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hypno kink goof 

Hiring a ghostwriter to do mantras for me

drone kink 

Got another one for the list of 'inscrutable concepts that inspire Habit's currently non-existent ideal dronekink aesthetic'

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hypno kink, exhibitionism? 

Feeling a pretty strong desire to like, demonstrate what I'm capable of as a hypno kink person

I'm pretty good at this shit I think, and I wanna show off 😀

hypno kink goof 

Giving subs the DBZ instant transmission noise as a trigger that just makes them space out until I can get behind them, so I can finally live out my anime fantasy of teleporting behind someone

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