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kinda horny pixel art, video games 

I see you, artist working at Capcom in the mid-90s, and I hope you had an absolute blast doing this

'reply to this post and i'll x' goof 

Reply to this post with an emoji and I'll reply to your post with this picture of Donkey Kong

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oc commission, ai drifting around in a robot vacuum 

Who let Habit download themselves into the robot vacuum again 😫

Commissioned from who completely fucking nailed it holy shit, please check her art out

ffxiv, thirst 

I know everyone thinks their FFXIV character is like, peak hot, that's the point of the game, but

Like cmon

pixel art of a knife, weaponsona 

One puppyknife for @IsabelleHellraiser

What a cute dog toy! That groove on the side must be for like, peanut butter or something. Though the metal parts are kinda... oh

Wait, if it's not a dog toy, why are there bite marks?

hypno, tech kink, actual kink play in image 

I am a responsible hypnotist who takes my subject's music-fetching chatbot trigger very seriously

hypno, tech kink goof, star trek 

Your subs: Declaring their devotion, deferential conduct, rituals of submission

My subs: Send me this

metroid dread screenshot, tech kink goof 


hypno kink goof 

When you're trying to escape the clutches of an evil hypnotist and your totally-not-brainwashed friend has a suggestion

old computers, tech, hypno kink 

Noticed that the Cray-1 supercomputer has, like, seating around the edge (see image)

Considering an AI hypnotist occupying hardware like this and delivering an induction through comfy studio headphones to a subject relaxing on top of their case

sharing my other accounts again, goof 

Here's an example all the raw eroticism you're missing out on if you don't follow my private account

hypno kink goof 

Live sessions: I don't need induction ideas, I'll just find some inspiration and figure things out after I get started, it's all good

Trying to write a script for a recording:

ffxiv, kink adjacent thirst 

Actual Dialogue πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

robots, gender, mmorpg 

I won't get mad I won't get mad I won't get mad I won't

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