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star trek, robots 

Star Trek tech-adjacent character tier list
S: Data, Seven of Nine
SS: Majel Barrett's computer voice
SSS: Satan's Robot

evil genius 2 

One of the decor items you can build for free is the IRIS mainframe, the computer that your AI assistant is running from (her name is IRIS)

I don't see why you'd put it anywhere other than where I did tho, if it's not next to the big villain chair in the private villain room how are they supposed to date?

evil genius 2, thirst 

It's important to me that I share this playable character from the Evil Genius sequel with you all

advertising slogan, praise kink goof 

Yeah 😌

metropolis, eye contact, hypno kink goof 

Hypnokink people in the 1930s going wild for this facial expression

pyre, thirst but also just an incredible vibe 

I have been playing this game for five minutes and really I'm just glad to be here


Trick question, I already have a weaponsona, but I would love to know what people think πŸ‘€

oc commission, eye contact, flirty expression 

It's Habit! They look very pleased to see you. I wonder what they're planning πŸ€”

Commissioned from , who just like, totally nailed it

(Don't gender them, 'they' pronouns only, thanks)

tech, petplay kink goof 

Love to print 'PET' on computers I own in capital letters that are bigger than any other text visible on them

megaman battle network, trans goof re: d/s, tech kink 

Also this

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megaman battle network, d/s, tech kink 

Apparently the Battle Network games have a thing where you put your AI friend into a 'sub pet', which is a thing you carry them around in that limits their functionality


hypno, tech kink 

Not normally one for pocket watches as a hypno thing but uh

ffxiv, thirst, knives 

Yes hello, I too am here to do rogue things, may I sit with you please

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ffxiv, thirst 

Rogue's guild has shirtless catboys

tag yourself 

I've been informed that 'Habit energy' is a thing but I don't see it on this list πŸ€”

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