I don't know what Viera are like in XIV lorewise but I'm sticking with the XII style of 'filled with disdain and fully prepared to kill fascists'

ffxiv, character introduced after level 50 but before heavensward spoilers, thirst 

...hello 👀

kink stuff, poll in replies 

For no reason whatsoever, which of the second two fabrics do you think pairs best with the first one

immortals fenyx rising, thirsty(?) video game character design 

This game is so fuckin desperate to get that Breath of the Wild money that they even added a pretty blonde twink

hypno kink, goof 

Maybe you'll all finally play Tyranny if I tell you there's mind control in it

vampire, fighting game character design, webm 

She takes silver 'blood damage' when she uses her special moves, and this move is how she gets it back, which is, like, a cool as hell concept, gamewise, but also the animation is really dope for a game like this

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vampire, fighting game character design 

Mira from the Killer Instinct reboot is one of the few women in a fighting game who isn't, like, designed in a way that makes me angry

Not because her outfit makes practical sense (it doesn't), but because it's the same kind of cool that the rest of the game is trying to be, instead of just obnoxiously horny

Also she has one of the sickest command grabs I have ever seen, I'll try and find a gif

final fantasy xii, horny, drone kink adjacent 

Got up to the Viera village and it has given me an idea

weaponsona, pixel art of a sword, anime bullshit 

For @vidi_victa_veni , one weaponsona, with an energy core that doubles as an emergency dagger

weaponsona, pixel art of a pointy spear, kink mention, this isn't even that horny anymore i'm just having a good time 

This is probably what you'd get if I got turned into a weapon as part of an Utena-inspired, d/s kink-charged duel

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pretty character art 

The diver from Planet Diver (which is in the itch bundle at the moment) ... hello

mind control, tech kink, intimacy, birdsite link 

Reposting this because it's great

Habit getting a smooch from MJ's character, Sol. They seem to be getting very friendly all of a sudden 🤔

This was done by MJ on twitter, they do a bunch of great queer hypnosis art and deserve way more attention, you should totally check them out if you're still on birdsite: twitter.com/hypnoskies_nsfw

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