tech kink gear 

@alice_meows has made an incredible advancement in the field of wearable kink technology

switchy kink poll, twitter 

Also, much closer on twitter with ~double the sample size (not that it's a lot)

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ffxiv thirst 

I may have created the perfect Habit dancer glam; the exact desired balance of slutty and tasteful.

Actually reeling from how incredible this is. I love video games

twitter re: petplay kink, rough, pain, long 

Yeah that makes sense

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ffxiv thirst, arguably monsterfucking, primalfucking?, snakes 

The Seiryu image leaves out the critical context that he is, in fact, several snakes

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ffxiv thirst, arguably monsterfucking, primalfucking? 

I forgot they're technically not primals whoops

Anyway Seiryu and Suzaku are like, both very handsome and their fights are cool

snakes, kink adjacent 

Good naga tail patterns: the black-striped snake and the striped kukri snake

hypnosis kink, short unedited recording of an induction idea 

I recorded the rhythmic induction idea I had because it really wasn't coming across in text 😩 I'll put the script in a reply

There's a lil wakeup at the end just in case and I ramble either side of it because that's what it's like when I hypnotize people, sorry

hades thirst update, characters who are introduced pre-first completion 

- Oh Thanatos and Zagreus are like, a Thing thing, like, this is some old school anime fanfic rival pining type shit, I like it
- Everyone is still hot but like, idk that the Olympians have endeared themselves to me much more in that respect, while everyone in the house continues to be a grade-A babe
- Wild to me that Zagreus has been a hot snarkboy for this many hours and is still like, saying funny stuff all the time without it getting grating
- I need Asterius to be okay and be my friend 😩
- The icon for Brilliant Call is just an ass shot, right, like

hypnosis kink, star trek 

Watching early TNG episodes I missed and there's just like, this lil hypnosis machine thing that Troi has πŸ€” Y'know, just casually, no big deal

the very specific tweet 

Context (someone on twitter being weirdly aggressive about disliking anal):

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indulgent oc commission, star trek 

Habit wearing a Star Trek uniform, courtesy of @IsabelleHellraiser (go look at her art)!

Not entirely sure how this happened... probably a holodeck accident.

hypnosis, tech kink 

This post was brought to you by

Computer numbers πŸ™‚

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