soliciting replies, flirty teasy stuff 

It can be done! Some would suggest it's not even particularly difficult 😄

hypnosis kink 

"Damn I kinda feel like chatting with people but I didn't set anything up for today"

weapon transformation kink goof 

You aren't getting it- look, okay, here, *this* is what I'm talking about, this specific thing. I can't do this unless the weapon can be sheathed at my hip, or is otherwise tall enough that it can be stood upright with the hilt at-

No! That does not! include! flails!!!

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wrestling, unintentionally? horny outfit 

Do you think uh

Do you think he is aware of how hot this outfit is 👀💦

hypnosis kink, no image description, soliciting interaction 

I don't think it will surprise any of you to hear that I have many opinions about hypnokink

petplay, tech kink goof 

When the pet asks their AI dom for a treat

love shore, romance vn critique, tech kink 

That said, you do play a robot with fangs, which I am generally here for

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hypnosis kink 

Actual picture of me performing a hypnotic induction

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hypno kink goof 

Scrolling UX design tip stuff and oh haha wow I'd never heard of that before that's so interesting 👀 💦

tech kink goof 

At last, I can finally achieve my lifelong goal of running my computer on twinks

tech kink gear 

@alice_meows has made an incredible advancement in the field of wearable kink technology

switchy kink poll, twitter 

Also, much closer on twitter with ~double the sample size (not that it's a lot)

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