oc commission, eye contact, flirty expression 

It's Habit! They look very pleased to see you. I wonder what they're planning πŸ€”

Commissioned from SpicyPlumbi@twitter.com , who just like, totally nailed it

(Don't gender them, 'they' pronouns only, thanks)

tech, petplay kink goof 

Love to print 'PET' on computers I own in capital letters that are bigger than any other text visible on them

megaman battle network, trans goof re: d/s, tech kink 

Also this

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megaman battle network, d/s, tech kink 

Apparently the Battle Network games have a thing where you put your AI friend into a 'sub pet', which is a thing you carry them around in that limits their functionality


hypno, tech kink 

Not normally one for pocket watches as a hypno thing but uh

ffxiv, thirst, knives 

Yes hello, I too am here to do rogue things, may I sit with you please

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tag yourself 

I've been informed that 'Habit energy' is a thing but I don't see it on this list πŸ€”

one of those interaction chain things from twitter, flirting adjacent 


(anonymous option: curiouscat.qa/HabitEXE )


I don't know what Viera are like in XIV lorewise but I'm sticking with the XII style of 'filled with disdain and fully prepared to kill fascists'

ffxiv, character introduced after level 50 but before heavensward spoilers, thirst 

...hello πŸ‘€

kink stuff, poll in replies 

For no reason whatsoever, which of the second two fabrics do you think pairs best with the first one

immortals fenyx rising, thirsty(?) video game character design 

This game is so fuckin desperate to get that Breath of the Wild money that they even added a pretty blonde twink

hypno kink, goof 

Maybe you'll all finally play Tyranny if I tell you there's mind control in it

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