one of those interaction soliciting things from twitter, hypno kink 


You can use curiouscat if anonymity helps πŸ˜„

@IsabelleHellraiser sent me these fuckin sick stickers all the way from the other side of the planet, I'm jazzed to have them on my stuff, and also other places where their sentiments can be publicly appreciated

I hear she's opening an online store soon so maybe keep an eye out for that πŸ‘€

ffxiv, thirst 

Bf has created an extremely toppable catboy πŸ‘€

hypno kink card game rules, no image desc, 

First draft of the rules for Induction, a card game for 2-6 players that uses a standard 52-card deck, and is built for adding a simple, fun layer of hypnokink over the top

There's a couple of pieces missing, but I plan on working on it a lil more and hopefully testing it out (minus the hypnokink for now), if I can get enough volunteers

kink goof 

Damn you all really liked that last one, huh

tech kink goof 

I'm not going to say I'm not joking, but I am taking this seriously

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star trek, intimacy, goof 

Hot tip: Send this image to your partners to proposition them

d/s kink adjacent 

I thought it was getting a lil hypocritical for me to say that more doms should have logos without having one myself, so I scribbled a quick test πŸ€”

kink space thoughts, text in image but not description 

Took a stab at what I think a comfy, private, intimate online kink space might look like? Entirely untested but it was fun to think about

dating app complaining 

I see that Taimi has developed a new method of getting around me trying to limit the notifications they send

drone kink 

Got another one for the list of 'inscrutable concepts that inspire Habit's currently non-existent ideal dronekink aesthetic'

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asking if anyone recognizes this horny art 

Does anyone know who this artist is?

(images all depict demonic / angelic looking characters with wings / other non-human features, in v artistic, light bondage, there's a sword in one of them)

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d/s kink goof 

Making my subs work at this desk to remind them that they're beneath me

Call that ergo-dom-ics

drone kink 

Talking about dronekink is tricky because when I think of my ideal drone aesthetic all I can really do is point to stuff like this

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