on kinkshaming 

If you're utilizing a public kink space you really do need to be sensitive to things you do that constitute / approach kinkshaming

Like, when so many people use kink as a means of self-discovery and self-actualization, being negative about kinks because you find them distasteful or unpleasant (or frankly, even just don't like them) is extremely counter to what kink spaces are for, and selfish to boot

I know some of us are very online and frequently immersed in those spaces and cultures, but it's important to remember that kink is generally not looked upon with kindness, precisely because it is associated with marginalized queer communities

Rather than constantly being all "oh it's just not for me 🙂" or trying to mock people with kinks you don't have maybe just mind your damn business and don't talk about kinks you don't like

(as always your personal spaces / accounts / etc. are not public spaces and you can say what you want on them)

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