kink goof 

Taking a non-zero amount of kink inspiration from Looney Tunes


kink goof 

A central theme of the Looney Tunes catalogue is upending power dynamics; a character occupies a role that is meant to be inherently understood by the audience to be above other established roles (hunter / rabbit, bulldog / kitten, etc.) in order to create a starting point that 'makes sense'. The conflict is resolved by overturning or sidestepping that dynamic, through the revelation that what the audience thought was powerful about a character (brawn, predation, weaponry, wealth) is irrelevant in the face of their own failings (greed, overconfidence, carelessness) and what the other character brings to the table (wit, charm, comic absurdity). They don't become less powerful, their power just doesn't help them

When I think about switchy kink stuff this kind of structure comes up a bit 😄

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