gender is bad, goof 

Telling people I'm whatever gender they say they aren't attracted to in the hope that it gets the point across


gender is bad 

I don't know why I suggested this was a joke, it might actually do the trick 🤔

gender is bad 

If the act of declaring that I am a woman / man / whatever makes me less attractive to someone then, like, yeah, I don't really want to be pursued by them, so it would be a good outcome

Unfortunately this is somewhat undermined by how incredibly constantly loud I have to be about declaring that I am none of those things

gender is bad 

My gender is whatever the observer would find most disappointing. The only answer that moves things forward is a null response; if the observer rejects the premise as there is nothing they would be disappointed with, that is reflected in my rejection of gender.

Then we can smooch or whatever

gender is bad 

@HabitEXE "you can't be a [X] because that would mean I'm gay/straight and I'm not gay/straight!"

Gee, it's almost as if gender is an incredibly flimsy concept we just made up. 🤷‍♀️

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