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I don't think it will surprise any of you to hear that I have many opinions about hypnokink

hypnosis kink, no image description, soliciting interaction 

1. Favorite induction - I don't know that I have one? Mine are very talky and wordy because that's what I know how to do 😄 But that is generally what impresses me when I see others do it, so probably that.

2. Do you have partners you regularly play with? - Absolutely 😄 Wouldn't have nearly as much fun otherwise.

3. How much hypnosis experience do you have? - Eight years of actually doing it, though strictly speaking it's probably a little less than that as a hypnotist.

4. Tell me about the first time you tranced someone / were tranced - My boyfriend hypnotized me on a voice call to demonstrate that hypnosis was a real thing! That feeling of sinking through the bed was very striking. Otherwise, I honestly don't remember the first time I hypnotized someone. Probably just someone who kindly offered to let me try it on them online.


hypnosis kink, no image description, soliciting interaction 

5. Favorite suggestion? - My go-to is animal noises 😄 Leads into petplay, which a lot of the people who come to me like, and works great for beginners. I also get a kick out of like, reality-shaping type things that change something about how the subject experiences the world, or themselves.

6. What do you do to enhance trance? - I'm not sure I understand this one? Best answer I have is if the subject is comfortable with it they get a lot of praise for being *such* a good subject, etc.

7. Do you prefer recordings or a live hypnotist? - Live, every time. I can't go under for recordings, they make me feel like I'm intruding on a session I'm not meant to be in 😩

8. Slow or fast inductions? - No preference! I think I work better with slow inductions either way, but fast ones are really cool when they work too.

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9. Favorite movie? - Depending on the day, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ocean's Eleven, or like 20 other really good movies (but mostly the first two).

10. What was your last hypnosis session like? - A brief trance with someone new, to see how our styles felt together. I do a lot of those, but this one was notable in that it was in person, and I was the subject 😄

11. Thoughts on public trancing? - I would hypnotize someone at a play party, but that's about my limit.

12. Favorite thing about trance? - In others, it's like, exploring what they bring to the table, the unique ways their mind filters each suggestion. For me, it's that rare feeling of like, uninhibited stillness? Not constantly monitoring what I'm saying, doing or thinking because I'm either not doing any of those or I've been told to and it's not my responsibility 😄

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13. What is your opinion of spiral eyes? - Honestly I think I prefer the blank glassy stare without the spiralling 😄 Visual fixation has never done much for me, though.

14. Do you have any piercings? - No! Not sure it's a good look for me.

15. A fun fact about me - There is no good answer to this question

16. Your ideal hypnotic suggestion? - Depends on the subject! Call it a cliche but I do think I'd get a lot out of being able to just toggle someone into like, obedient, emotionless, responsive servitude. Feels kinda cheesy, though 😄

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17. Sexiest hypnotic word or phrase? - Gonna cheat and say a good 'shhhh' 😄 Or if I'm not cheating, 'Isn't that right?'

18. Sexiest person you can imagine? - Someone cool and confident, with a vulnerable and soft side that I can take advantage of, who also has the capacity and interest necessary to absolutely fuck my entire shit up

19. Have you ever been tranced in real life? - Yes! Not as much as I would like. Working on it.

20. Do you like it when people play with your hair? - The extent to which I like it is frankly embarrassing and it's not fair that this question is in here

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21. Floating or sinking? - Sinking! It's more evocative and closer to how I think about trance. Plus ocean motifs are kinda doin it for me right now 😄

22. Does hypnosis belong in BDSM? - Sure

23. Ideal trance conditions? - Quiet and warm, mostly 😄 Dim lighting would be nice too. Somewhere soft and comfy.

24. How would you describe your preferred hypnosis style? - Building worlds out of words 😄 Imagery and ideas, with a little bit of music.

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(I'm adding the twitter likes to the masto ones so I'm basically gonna do all of these)

25. Favorite aftercare snack? - Water. I am very pro-water.

26. Do you prefer to be hypnotized or hypnotize others? - Yes 🙂

27. Biggest hypnotic turn-on? - Picking just one? The sleepy lethargic look and feeling, that dim fuzziness that's hard to think through. The closed eyes, the head that slowly drifts off-center, the way people get all quiet and monosyllabic 🤩 Definitely that.

28. Do you like bubble baths? - The bubbles are secondary, but yes, a really good bath is a rare treat.

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29. What's your sexiest hypnotic fantasy? - I don't even know where to start with you. I mean, do you even know who you're talkin to? Do you have any idea, *any idea* who I am?

30. What's the first thing you do after trance? - Check in with the subject. If I am the subject... not sure 🤔 Probably a big stretch.

31. Do you like pocket watches? - No! They swing too fast 😩 How are you supposed to keep up with them

32. What's your favorite part of your body to be touched? - See #20. Or don't, I'm still fuming over that one.

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33. One characteristic of a great hypnotic subject is... - that they give good feedback. Can't get anywhere as a hypnotist if you don't know how you're doin

34. Favorite TV show / movie scene depicting hypnosis? - Not applicable.

35. What do you think is your preferred modality? - I think modalities are a terrible way to think about people. I would have to make up a new one and say 'spatial', and that would also be inaccurate. Bad question.

36. Biggest hypnotic turn-off? - Being rushed? I don't like it when either party is like, in a hurry to get somewhere in particular. It's very hard to work with.

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37. What does hypnosis feel like for you? - Intricate sculpture / tranquil oblivion.

38. If you had to guess, how many times have you gone into trance? - ~200? Closer to ~250? Less than I would like 😄

39. How do you feel about sex in trance? - Very positive.

40. Do you think vampires or succubi are sexier? - I see we have saved the most painful question for last! I have to very narrowly give it to vampires for, like, variety and more interesting possibilities. Also, biting 👀

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If that wasn't enough answers for you, you can always ask me more questions! Anonymously if you want!


Or, y'know, you can send other messages 👀

Hypnosis and oceans 11 joke 

@HabitEXE "you've been practicing that, haven't you?"

"Little bit. Did I rush it? Felt like I rushed it."

"No, no, it was good, I liked it."

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