hypnosis, petplay kink 

Reinforcing a subject's new identity by hypnotically giving them an excited little 'oh! that's me' moment every time they're sent a relevant cute animal pic

hypnosis, petplay kink, dubious consent 

I mean, typically someone who is happy and enthusiastic about their new form will do this on their own, so the hypnotic compulsion aspect of it tends to work better on people less willing to embrace changes


hypnosis, petplay kink, dubious consent 

Subject who is uncertain and unwilling to accept their new shape acting all like, wounded and shy and upset at you each time you try to talk to them about their new form, but if you send em a cute animal pic they just light right up with an "oh! Th-that's me! I'm a [------]!"

Might only last a couple of seconds but it's fun getting to distract them with it over and over again

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