switchy kink poll 

If you're going to participate in a scene as both a dom and sub - assuming it's just going to be one then the other, nothing more complex - would you rather


switchy kink poll 

Slightly surprised by the results

I mean I know people generally see subbing as a chance to relax and do something low-energy, but I guess I underestimated how much that's the case 😄

Idk! Could be the case that folks could find domming less tiring if they found a different way to go about it 🤔

(also, nice)

switchy kink poll, twitter 

Also, much closer on twitter with ~double the sample size (not that it's a lot)

switchy kink goof, re: poll 

Tired: "switch"

switchy kink poll 

@HabitEXE It's less a matter of energy for me, more a matter of scene dynamic. Do I want to lose power or gain it? Do I want to end in failure or triumph? Both of these stories are interesting, but which one interests me more?

switchy kink poll 

@LilyVers Oh absolutely 😄 I'd handle it the same way if my answer to that wasn't always 'both'

switchy kink poll 

@HabitEXE they're BOTH GOOD! so to me it's really a matter of mood... where do I really want to end up lately. whatever I'm craving as the end state

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