hypnosis kink, short unedited recording of an induction idea 

I recorded the rhythmic induction idea I had because it really wasn't coming across in text 😩 I'll put the script in a reply

There's a lil wakeup at the end just in case and I ramble either side of it because that's what it's like when I hypnotize people, sorry


script re: hypnosis kink, short unedited recording of an induction idea 

Start it with triplets to fit all the words that I'll need
put them in six over four so the lines aren't too long
pause on the sixth cause I'm going to need time to breathe
realize with rhyme and some verses it's almost a song

But then I can drop a triplet or two, that's just fine
taking out syllables, spacing out the sound
putting less information in each line
to make it feel like I'm slowing down

And then the triplets get all broken up
the rhythm starts to find a different flow
it's easier for subjects to keep up
(and miss repeat-ed words, they'll never know)

Until I start to need the sub to fall
and sink into a nice deep trance
their body hardly needs to move at all
their mind is my partner in this dance

Eventually we find ourselves
wanting to take that final step
much deeper in their mind I'll delve
when they *drop*

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