hypnosis kink 

Thinkin about hypnotic inductions set to rhythmic meter

Lining up the words to the beat for that smooth, gliding sound that's so very easy to listen to

Putting some well-placed finger snaps or the steady click of a metronome under it to emphasize that constant rhythm

An induction that kinda rolls forward at a constant speed, hitting those little moments at the perfect, most satisfying time... at least, until the pattern interrupt


hypnosis kink, example induction kinda, weird punctuation to try and convey rhythm and emphasis, screen reader unfriendly, long 

I'm thinking like

Start it with triplets to fit all the words that I'll need / put them in six over four so the lines aren't too long / pause on the sixth cause I'm going to need time to breathe / realize with rhyme and some verses it's kind of a song

But then I can drop - a triplet or two, that's just fine / taking out syllables, spa-cing out - the sound / giving less in-forma-tion in - each line / to give the impression of slow - - ing - - down

And then - the trip-lets get - all bro - ken up / the rhy-thm starts - to find - a different flow / it's ea-sier - for sub-jects to - keep up / (and miss - repeat-ed rhymes, - they'll nev-er know)

Until - we start - to need - the sub - to fall / and sink - into - a nice - - deep - - trance / their bo-dy har-dly needs - to move - at all / for their mind is my part-ner in - - this - - dance

Eventually - we find - - our - - selves / wanting to - take - that fi - - nal - - step / so deep-er in - their mind - - we'll - - delve / when - - they - - *drop*

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