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Thinkin about hypnotic inductions set to rhythmic meter

Lining up the words to the beat for that smooth, gliding sound that's so very easy to listen to

Putting some well-placed finger snaps or the steady click of a metronome under it to emphasize that constant rhythm

An induction that kinda rolls forward at a constant speed, hitting those little moments at the perfect, most satisfying time... at least, until the pattern interrupt

hypnosis kink 

@HabitEXE the key is that there doesn't need to be a word on every beat. You can have a pretty conversational pace, but once the click track starts to fade in the subject will notice the constant pace. The measured rhythm. Precisely placed syllables.


hypnosis kink 

@rockario Oh absolutely! But if I do put a word on every beat then it'll be way harder for no particular benefit, and I'll feel extremely cool

hypnosis kink 

@HabitEXE You know what it is? different inductions styles have a different rhythm.

sound-every-beat will be overwhelming, hard to follow after a while, only the most emphasized words get through.

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