transformation, petplay kink, implied institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization 

Person who's recently discovered they're a pet (and has to hide it if they want to stay a person) is sitting around and hanging out with some friends, between them on the couch. They're having a good time but their head has been fuzzy the whole evening, and it takes a lot of concentration to not zone out or groan at the discomfort

They're listening to their friends talk past them when a spell of blankness hits, and they know they shouldn't react, but it's getting really hard to focus, but if they try to deal with it now they'll definitely look suspicious, and it's really too early to send them home without-

Their friend is asking if they're okay, and now their other friend is pointing out the pair of ears that have appeared on their head. The pet startles, disoriented, and tries to explain; it's not so bad, they can keep it a secret, nobody has to know. Their friends are telling them that's not how it works, and they know that but they're pleading with them not to call the Registry anyway

And now their friends are shushing them and comforting them, keeping them in their seat. They're on the verge of panic, trying to tap into that flight response, but there are fingers in their hair, and they've spent so long avoiding touch and affection that it overrides everything else in their had. All those feelings they try to ignore flooding in at once, and they stay put, even as one of their friends gets out their phone

They don't pay attention to the call, or what's going to come next. Someone's going to come along with some equipment and a collar, and that'll be it for their hopes of staying a person. Maybe some part of them knows that. If only the gentle patronising encouragement and attention wasn't so nice, so perfect, they might've had a chance.

Probably not, though. They let out a relieved sigh and sink back into the couch.

petplay, institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization, implied mind control, long 

"So, who's going to be their caretaker?"
"Their caretaker. We need at least one name to put down."
"Ah, their owner! Yeah... uh..."
"Are either of you two planning on looking after them?"
"I mean... honestly, this is all happening really fast..."
"Were either of you in a relationship with them?"
"Nah, like... well, not *that* kind of relationship. With each other yeah, but not with them."

(the friend who isn't talking to the Registry officer coos and rubs the new pet excitedly, who for their part is trying not to tug at their new collar)

"Do you know if they have any romantic or domestic partners?"
"Nah, we were sorta here about that, yknow? They asked us to come over cause they were feeling lonely. Probably shoulda picked up on something then, right?"
"If you don't feel like taking responsibility for a new pet, that's just fine. There's no reason to push yourself into it - shelter facilities are a viable alternative to home ownership."
"Oh, yeah. Well... don't they, uh... what's it called... that thing with those funny headsets? I heard it makes em kinda... yknow... blank. Like, less bouncy and happy and stuff."
"They are put through direct training, yes, but these days it has much less of an impact on the pet's vibrancy than you'd think."
"Mhm. Behavioral modification technology has come a long way. In fact, some areas recommend it for any pet a first-time owner takes on."
"It helps reduce any early flight risk, and even a basic command set guarantees a much easier adjustment period. Definitely worth a day at the shelter."

(the new pet is looking over at the conversation, worried. Their friend gives a quiet "oh no, honeyyy..." and pulls the pets head to their chest, who whimpers and nuzzles in)

"...there's no shame in having doubts. Taking on a pet is a big step. Have you ever owned a pet before?"
"Not really..."
"Trust me. They'll be just fine at a shelter. And who knows? You could even come collect them when you're ready, if they're still there."
"Yeah... it's just... I don't know..."
"I mean, we know people who own pets, and between us there's always someone at home, but like, I've never done it myself. Seemed like a lot to take on, and... well, we care about them. I'd want them to be happy where they end up."
"Of course."
"...Are there..."
"Is there like... a course I can take, or something? To learn how to... yknow. Look after them."
"Absolutely. The Registry offers a full slate of support for new pet owners. Here... this booklet covers your options. The QR code on the back here will take you to a page where you can book in owner's ed."
"Oh, wow, thanks."
"...So, am I-"
"Put me down as their owner, yeah."
"Got it."
("Put me down too." the other friend says from the couch, still holding the pet close. From somewhere in their arms there is a small, relieved sob.)

"Okay, looks like that's everything. Congratulations on your new pet."
"We'll... be in touch, I guess. That direct training stuff sounds useful."
"It is. If you need anything, give us a call."
"Oh, there is one thing..."
"The name. What do you think about [------]?"
"...It sounds nice."
"You reckon?"
"You two are gonna be good for them, I think."

transformation, petplay kink, implied institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization 

@HabitEXE aw hell this is SUPER good

I'm tagging @GlitchyRobo right here to see this because yeah love it

transformation, petplay kink, implied institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization 

@fluxom_alt @HabitEXE ljkdfhglskjhdfglsjkdhfgjklfdh this is so good omg,,,,, pets trying and failing to conceal their petness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, being shushed as they wait for the inevitable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, getting taken care of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sldfjkhglskdjfhgkjsdfhg stars,,,,,

institutional kink 🥺

petplay, institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization, implied mind control, long 

@HabitEXE this story hit at something deep in our core that we described to a partner as making something cry that probably needed it, in a way we felt in our physical core , there's so many emotions here that just, hit. Something definitely resonates about having to give up a mask and stop trying to be a person and being surrounded by people who care about you and are there for it

petplay, institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization, implied mind control, long 

@HabitEXE also your writing is incredible generally and I just consciously caught the point where the main character's title switches from person to pet in the narration and it's so good, right there with the ears popping up

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