transformation kink game design 

One of those open RPG 'travel the world and fight stuff and accumulate stats / currency' type kink games where the premise is that the player is subject to some kind of corruption or transformation that they have to hide

Except the player never makes it out of the first town no matter what they do because the people there realize what's happening to the player and take measures to contain them


transformation kink game design 

aka. What if we finally accepted that 'bad ends' are the point and made them more than throwaway chunks of text

transformation kink game design 

@HabitEXE this is the game now. accept the consequences of your limited choices and fate’s cruel hand

"bad ends" in kink games 

@HabitEXE Priority Realignment from Nyx Gaming does this, most of the actual writing in the game is in the various endings you can reach rather than in the main gameplay loop, which mostly exists to lead to one of those endings.

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