video games, oc nonsense, extremely dorky shit, what if Habit was a FromSoft boss? 

Penumbral Speaker Habit is encountered by the player in a technically missable side area; the Lunar Observatory, covered in a massive dome that must be retracted with a well-guarded mechanism. Once the full moon shines on the area, the darkened Equatorial room before the boss lights up, but enemies become more dangerous on the way back. A line of disembodied dialogue accompanies the feat.

"Another seer...

'Tis cold comfort, to espy one's end. Colder than you know.

Leave. There are no futures to divine here."

Strange behaviors can be observed in the area's creatures; predominantly beasts, but also Hollows who are implied to have raided the Observatory for its writings. If left to their own devices, they wander towards the Equatorial when the dome is lit up. An NPC questline, if followed to its conclusion, leads to a battle where the NPC declares devotion to the Speaker, attempting to fight off the player.

Upon reaching the upper floor of the Equatorial (and a shortcut back to a bonfire), a flight of stairs takes the player up to a fog gate, and the arena; the massive, gently convex glass surface of the telescope itself. A lunar eclipse is reflected in it, and while the area seems empty, eventually a crack will sound and form across the reflection of the moon. Then another, before the glass shatters upward where they intersect, and the Penumbral Speaker rises out of it. No cutscene, just dialogue

"Very well.

If a vision of death is your desire, little seer, I'll not deny you.

Listen closely..."

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