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I could dom people for a thousand years and never achieve the sheer power dynamic of a FromSoft boss fight's grab attack

kink goof, video game violence 

Ranking FromSoft grab attacks, from memory, by horniness

6. Mimics (all of em) - they just like chew on you, it sucks
5. Brainsuckers (Bloodborne) - Kind of a little too gross imo but I did remember it, so
4. Ebrietas (Bloodborne) - She literally just eats you, like
3. Kalameet (Dark Souls) - Big dragon with piercing orange eye picks you up with psychic energy and just like mindblasts you.
2. Sir Vilhelm (Dark Souls 3) - He dips you and drains a bunch of health. Evil dark energy drain, very good
1. Lady Maria (Bloodborne) - She also dips you and drains a bunch of health. Top spot has to go to my wife, sorry Vilhelm

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