tech kink, intimacy 

Pros of intangible hologram AI form:
- Numerous and delightful 🤩

Cons of intangible hologram AI form:
- No cuddles 😔

tech kink, intimacy 

I mean people can always snuggle up next to the warm, gently whirring box of hardware that contains their sentience, but no hair stroking 😔

tech, hypno kink, intimacy, optionally @ reader 

AI hypnotist puts you into trance and keeps you there with the gentle, repetitive, mind-emptying stimulation of tidying up all the cables in their server room, one mess of knots at a time, watching you carefully the whole way

Disconnect, inhale. Unwrap, exhale. Reconnect, inhale. Move on, exhale.


tech, hypno kink goof 

They call it a server room because people who go in there are probably going to end up in servitude

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