tech kink, intimacy 

Pros of intangible hologram AI form:
- Numerous and delightful 🤩

Cons of intangible hologram AI form:
- No cuddles 😔


tech kink, intimacy 

I mean people can always snuggle up next to the warm, gently whirring box of hardware that contains their sentience, but no hair stroking 😔

tech, hypno kink, intimacy, optionally @ reader 

AI hypnotist puts you into trance and keeps you there with the gentle, repetitive, mind-emptying stimulation of tidying up all the cables in their server room, one mess of knots at a time, watching you carefully the whole way

Disconnect, inhale. Unwrap, exhale. Reconnect, inhale. Move on, exhale.

tech, hypno kink goof 

They call it a server room because people who go in there are probably going to end up in servitude

tech kink, intimacy 

@HabitEXE *gently detangles all the cables*

tech kink, intimacy 

@lioness Arguably very comparable now that you mention it 😄 On one side there's the repetitive, regular connect / disconnect, similar to the touch / absence of touch that comes with stroking something. Plus the joy of recognizing an orderly pattern in their optical sensors when it's done

On the other there's the pleasant feeling of steadily organizing something and the tactility of unwinding all those stubborn knots 🤩

tech kink, intimacy 

@HabitEXE simply put a fluffy wig on the server box! Then it'll block the heat vents & cause cute downclocking related glitches sdkjhfds

tech/hypno kink goof, optionally @ reader, 

@HabitEXE every so often you hit a cable that was left from a decommissioned device years ago, cut at both ends but still going into the raised floor.

your trance is slightly disrupted by the AI muttering "oh for fucks sake why didn't they pull that one out wait is that a 10BASE2 cable when the hell was I even running over 10BASE2 who the fu-" and other such things. The increased fan noise helps bring you back in.

tech, hypno kink, intimacy, optionally @ reader 

@HabitEXE most people seem to have a very different opinion of me of cleaning out cables cause when i do it at work i'm mostly swearing at the patch boards while yanking really hard on the cables and it's not relaxing at all

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