hypno kink 

Turning a subject's thoughts into cotton fluff, then pulling them out through their ear and winding them onto a spool, one thread at a time

hypno kink goof 

I watched a video on cotton yarn manufacturing to make sure this one was at least in the ballpark of accuracy and let me tell you that's a whole image in itself

hypno kink, idk 

Harsh industrial devices harvesting threads of thought, bundling it into strips and stretching it out over and over as it winds through the factory

Raw consciousness collected into orderly barrels of winding cord, lined up as far as the eye can see. Strips of it are pulled away for final processing, made thin, fine and glittering, tied end to end by a machine full of claws and motors

A strip is sliced off for quality control, then the rest is twisted up into a tight, convenient package, so they can be sent out. Processed thought, ready to thread, mend, and decorate.

hypno kink, idk 

@HabitEXE a Dom wearing a big bright fuzzy holiday sweater made entirely out of their mindless pet's thoughts :p

hypno kink goof, food vid 

@HabitEXE see, now you got me thinking about the Korean dragon's beard candy.
Turning a solid block into 16000 fine strings.
Plus the coordinated routine with the synchronized voices.

hypno kink 

@HabitEXE oh that's good. the cotton fluff thing is a lot of fun but I never thought of spinning it after…

milking them like a silkworm 💜

hypno kink 

@lioness Think of how useful it would be 😄 Mend your clothes! Tie them up with their own thoughts! Dangle it in front of them and watch them try to grab at it when you dance it around

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