idk. social media etiquette? 

It's very hard to feel comfortable replying to people on here (including replying to replies on my posts) when I know that people have things they don't want to see in replies

Which I know is a thing because they've said so, and I have a bunch of things I don't want to see in replies

idk. social media etiquette? 

Like, as best I can tell, people don't like it when they get replies with:
- Jokes
- Advice
- Answers to questions
- Opinions of any kind
Especially from people they don't know, and I know like maybe a couple of you, so

Which, in terms of like, interacting without trying to start an entire conversation on a website that doesn't support it, leaves very little

So, like, how exactly am I supposed to use this website to get to know people enough to not be a 'reply guy' or whatever


idk. social media etiquette?, kink mention, rambling 

For the record (I might pin this later) the kinds of replies that piss me off are, like

- 'actually I wouldn't enjoy this' (I don't care)
- 'this would be unsafe if you didn't do it safely' (no shit)
- long chains of people flirting with each other in my replies

But, like, those are either trying to shut down whatever I'm saying for no reason, or just filling my notifications with something that doesn't involve me

If someone cracks a joke and it's not funny or I don't get it, like... nbd? Doesn't put me out any, and it's nice to like, inspire something

And if someone's giving me advice, it's an attempt to help. Some folks are really bad or self- serving about it, but idk? It's not like, an insult.

idk. social media etiquette? 

Idk. All I really do on here is sling posts into the void. It feels like trying to do anything else would just irritate people, so like... I'm just not gonna

idk. social media etiquette? 

@HabitEXE idk if this will be helpful or leaning to exactly the kind of behavior that you were describing as potentially problematic. But i just wanted to say in the few months ive been on here and my main, ive enjoyed seeing your thrown out into the void posts and havent personally seen any issues with the way you do stuff. Hope this is more the helpful side tho 👋

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