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You're not truly aware of the fact that Scott Adams is into hypno kink until you've read his attempts at hypnotic blog posts

Which is probably for the best


hypno kink 

He works in this specific, not uncommon style that I generally loathe too, like

'I am going to put 0 effort into making this an experience, instead I'm just gonna expect the fact that I, Scott Adams, the fucking Dilbert guy, am so inherently amazing and talented and sexy (something I have done nothing to demonstrate) that it'll create the context necessary without me having to try'

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Like, to be clear, you can do hypnosis that way. If there's enough context, like hopeful subjects hanging out somewhere that they might get hypnotised, or talking to someone they've worked with before, you can do hypnosis on vibes alone. If a hypnotist is exactly the kind of person someone wants to go under for, just being that person can work

But you gotta know your audience

It's not a sure thing, like, it requires so much enthusiasm and work from the subject that you really can't expect it to work. Moreso for people who you don't have rapport with, or people who are beginners. Plus, you have to actually be that kind of attractive to someone, which, like, being an awful outspoken conservative has a tendency to prevent, Scott

This kind of approach as like, a default setting is just unpleasant to be subjected to, imo. It typically relies on maintaining an aesthetic that can't be disrupted by anything, especially the acknowledgement that it might not work, which is, like... idk. I feel like if, as a hypnotist, you aren't prepared to communicate in the event of a failed attempt, then you're really not giving your subject room to do anything other than conform or be disappointing / disappointed.

hypno kink 

@HabitEXE ewww. I literally composted his books I had the misfortnue to havee so nobody would have to read them.

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